Come at me, Bro: Can Playstation All-Stars Support a Competitive Scene?

Gaming Unwrapped Writer Ryan T Writes "November 20th keeps getting closer and closer, leaving people all the more excited for Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. The title is supposed to act like a “Sony Smash Bros” of sorts, bringing the popular fighting experience to fans of Sony’s empire. Instead of getting to use cute pokemon and iconic italian plumbers, you will get to use little sacks and handsome treasure hunters..."

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RockmanII72234d ago

It won't be as prominent as Tekken Tag 2 or Persona 4, but I'd be interested to see what the Smash community has to say about it.

Megaton2234d ago

Too simplistic for a really hardcore competitive scene, but I'm sure it'll make the rounds as an undercard type thing.

Knight_Crawler2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

You will probably get disagrees for saying that but the truth is that this game is a smash button melee game.

As a big PS1 and PS2 fan I have always wanted this game but was wishing that they had went with a more of a Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter or even something of there own type game...Smash Bros is great and I understand Sony wanted to cater to all ages but I would have loved to rip off sweet tooth head with Kratos.

Edit: @ the disagrees I am sorry you dont feel the same but a chance to make a fighting game with a roster full of PS1,PS2 and PS3 characters only comes once in a blue moon so excuse me for wanting something more mature and less cell shaded.

Nimblest-Assassin2234d ago

I like these types of games more than MK and street fighters, because anyone of any skill level can play them... and its possible to play with people of your skill level

I have played PSABR, and there are 2 extremes of people playing

1) The people you described
2) People who are actually competitive, and combo and juggle

Smash (melee, not brawl) and PSABR cater to both who want to have fun and those who want something competetive

Its not for everyone, since like you said... you want something along the lines of MK... but for most this will suffice

Nimblest-Assassin2234d ago

It really depends... I've seen two types of gameplay

1) Your everyday players.. just playing to have fun

2) Your competitive players, who actually juggle, and play strategically

It depends on how people react to the end product... but I agree that the game like Smash, won't be that prominant in tournaments, but will have a pressence there

Dannycr2234d ago

I agree with you because this game (unlike smash) has no depth at all. It's just smashing buttons and dodging random spammers and specials. I tried the beta and got bored extremely fast. I was sooo excited about this, but it was a huge letdown

MaxXAttaxX2234d ago (Edited 2234d ago )

I'm pretty sure you're just not that good and haven't encountered any high level players that make good use of the combo system yet. Gotta give it time.

You can get by mashing buttons in Tekken as well, but it's one of the biggest competitive fighting games ever, and you'll know it when you encounter skilled players.

Dannycr2231d ago

You are assuming. It's very easy to do that, but it's ok, it's normal that whenever someone has a negative opinion about a game, then he probable just sucks, right?

Well I'm an above average Smash Bros player. I can almost say I'm a very good Smash Bros player, and no, this is not about being good or bad, is about the gameplay being bland and boring. They promised that it was not a Smash Bros clone and it is and it's a bad one.

We will see how it will do when it comes out, but IMHO, the game is a terrible Smash Bros clone and does not bring anything new to the table to be considered special.

HammadTheBeast2234d ago

I thought EVO already had started preparing for a competitive scene.

jimbobwahey2234d ago

I'm fairly sure this is being balanced as a competitive fighter with tournament play in mind, hence getting people like Seth on board and having quite a deep combo system in the game.

While at first glance it may look similar to Smash Bros, I'd say that the core fighting mechanics are definitely significantly deeper. The team working on it know what they're doing.

DivineAssault 2234d ago

Its just going to be fun.. I doubt tournament fighting was adressed when making it.. They just wanted to throw in a bunch of characters from different worlds together for some comic brawling.. Ima buy it cuz it has cross buy but im also geting DOA5 or MAYBE tekken tag 2 for serious competition

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