An Easy Mode for Dark Souls? Are You Kidding Me?

DualShock Nexus: Since the days of Mario, trial and error has been a critical method in the way I play games. When there is a frustrating or difficult checkpoint in any game, I will die over and over again whilst looking for a way to succeed the next time around. Demon's Souls is probably the first game I played where trial and error becomes your best friend. That game will beat you down until you throw your DualShock against the wall and curse the gods. When I started hearing all this talk about an easy mode for Dark Souls, I immediately shook my head in disagreement.

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NastyLeftHook02234d ago

an easy mode for dark souls will be disgraceful. please dont do it. i dont care what anyone thinks but dark souls was meant to be played hard!


so you can still play it hard, its a nice way to bring more people into this wonderful game and its a matter of choice.

ShaunCameron2234d ago

True. It sort of worked for Bayonetta. But it didn't work for Ninja Gaiden 3.

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AKS2234d ago

The difficulty level a key component of the Souls games. The tougher difficulty forces you to learn to roll, use defense, avoid button mashing, carefully choose your gear and abilities, and use caution about whether one should push forward or retreat to save those precious souls. Take away the difficulty, and you have a different experience and different game. I'm very much against the idea of adding an Easy mode.

zeroskie2234d ago

Dude, it's been dubunked as a mistranslation. Calm down.

ShadowKingx2234d ago

Add an easy mode but make to where you can't go online. this way is does not interfere with the normal mode players. if they want to go online they have crate a new character or when they beat the game give the option to new game+ in normal mode and everything is back to normal again.

Heck you patching where you can’t be in a party while online. so the something just with easy mode. sounds easy to implement to me.

Note: as much as Dark souls is challenging on the bright side they know dark souls will sell more if they implement this mode and word gets out about it. More sells for them. But i do think if they do it this way. Everyone will be happy.

CaptCalvin2234d ago

It's not like you HAVE to play the easy mode. give people who can't be bothered to die again and again a chance. As long as it doesn't make the harder modes any easier I'd be fine with it.

NastyLeftHook02234d ago

heck, i even refuse to play the game online the first playthrough, i want no help at all.

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The story is too old to be commented.