Halo 4 VS. Call of Duty Black Ops 2 Multiplayer Discussion

The new installments of Halo 4 and Call of Duty (CoD) are expected for release around the same time this fall. This means that there will be debate

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NastyLeftHook02328d ago

i cant wait for both, halo4 and cod bo2

tokugawa2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

lol as if you have a 360.. i also have the feeling that you are an alt account for GWAVE.

NastyLeftHook02328d ago

i wasn't aware i asked for your opinion.

Mainsqueeze2328d ago (Edited 2328d ago )

You did by posting on an open forum...i doubt u have a 360 either but i don't really care. Halo 4 mp will be loads better than BO2.

Blastoise2328d ago

Bit uncalled for to be honest. Its not like tentonsoftube was trolling or anything.

BattleAxe2328d ago

I might try out Halo 4 for a change. This way I can float around and stuff like that.

Knight_Crawler2328d ago

One thing I realized is that you can not choose both mutiplayers if you are taken the multiplayer serious.

To be good at either game and keep up with the big boys you have to constantly keep playing on or the other. Halo and COD have totally different mechanics even though they are both FPS.

Sure if your just playing the multi to pass time then thats fine but if your care about your KD ratio then you either have to commit to COD or Halo.

ItsTrue2328d ago

Not necessarily correct, I've played both Halo and CoD for a while now and I have good a K/d for both games. CoD requires little skill, it's all reaction time while Halo is where the teamwork lies.

jimbobwahey2328d ago

Why does there need to be a debate? People who prefer COD will enjoy COD, people who prefer Halo will enjoy Halo.

Stuff like this is just flamebait.

BeAGamer2328d ago

Halo 4 baby!

don't want to play another recycled yearly installment of Call of Duty, its honestly getting boring

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The story is too old to be commented.