Capcom confirms new Monster Hunter game will release in North America

Capcom's Community Specialist confirms to fans that a new Monster Hunter game will release in the US. He just doesn't tell them which one or when

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NovusTerminus2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Yet none of the PS ones ever will?

Yeah, Capcom seems to hate Sony for some reason... We have to wait an extra 3 months for RE6's demo, missed out of DR2's demo, Sony get's Etnad for PSASBR. All the while we are still waiting for a release date for Monster Hunter Freedom 3...

Yeah, now they are talking about localizing the 3DS ones... Thanks Capcom, for nothing.

linkenski2893d ago

Gah, they're probably talking about that crappy IOS game instead of the 3DS games.