Nintendo Needs to Revive The Legend of Zelda or Let It Die

"There isn't a gamer in the world that hasn't heard of The Legend of Zelda. Easily Nintendo's most recognizable franchise this side of Mario, the series will always be remembered for the way it revolutionized action/adventure games. "

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Relientk772230d ago

The Legend of Zelda is amazing and one of the best video game franchises ever. Oh, and no, it will not die.

Hovis2230d ago

It better not die...
and it totally is one the the best franchises ever...
but hopefully it can add to the formula with the next big installment

colonel1792229d ago

I hope the Wii U is successful, because there is no way the next Zelda game won't be very expensive to make. If Nintendo really wants to innovate and make a great Zelda, they will have a big team and a lot of money to make it.

linkenski2229d ago

It's definitely not as big and recognized as it was back when OoT was the big thing, or even the NES and SNES games.
I'm especially worried for the franchise, thought not that it will "die", since the latest rumors are saying that Nintendo has picked the Skyward Sword artstyle as their permanent artstyle for the series, at least for home consoles.

That's a really bland and unattractive artstyle, and you can see on its sales count, that it's barely among the top 10 best selling Zeldas (3,3). I just doubt its audience will be as hyped for another similar looking game.

Now a game like Twilight Princess on the other hand did really well (even if Skyward Sword might be a bit better) because it was darker and grittier. I still think that Zelda belongs in that vibe, while the handheld games can go as toony as they want (and i love The Wind Waker, so no hard feelings there).

AWBrawler2229d ago

IMO Skyward Sword had the perfect artsyle for zelda. I always envisioned Zelda as a japanese anime aimed at the western audience, and Skyward Sword has that look to it.

LOL_WUT2230d ago

No, Zelda does not need to die Mario on the other hand...

Shok2230d ago

Mario doesn't need to go, the 2D side-scrollers just need to freakin innovate.

The 3D Mario's on the other hand have been top-notch.

Shok2230d ago

Revive? When did it die?

Moncole2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

When people call them selves "mature" because thay have a PS3 of 360 and say Zelda is a kids games.

Xperia_ion2229d ago

Are you saying its not a kids game ? E means for everyone including kids, how are they wrong if they say that ?

Counter point Call Of Duty, ........ you win.

Hicken2229d ago

To this guy, it probably "died" because it had motion controls. I'm no fan of the motion gaming, either, but given the critical and commercial success of Skyward Sword, you can't say the series is dead.

tromwarrior2230d ago

You have obviously not been paying attention to the series if one of your arguments is to stop using Ganon. Of the last five Zelda games, Ganon has appeared in one (Twilight Princess) and alluded to in another. The other four main villains in order are Vaati (Minish Cap), Bellum (Phantom Hourglass), Malladus (Spirit Tracks), and Demise (Skyward Sword).

Jirachi2230d ago

I think zelda could use some new ideas but i don't think the attempts they made in the past felt very much like "zelda" And really even if you like these ideas the core gameplay is still exacyly the same as always just with a minor tweak here or there.

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The story is too old to be commented.