What can you expect from Nintendo's Wii U and Apple's iPhone 5 conference?

Here is a detailed look at what everyone can expect to learn from Nintendo upcoming press conference regarding the Wii U, and from Apple's press briefing regarding the iPhone 5. Mobile gaming just got better with the 5 and home gaming is expected to be furthered with the Wii U.

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sak5002236d ago

Nothing both have something in common. Rehashed hardware still below the current gen devices in the market.

-Mika-2236d ago

Yep and you forgot to add gimmicks like Siri and the tablet controller.

RuleNumber52236d ago

Totally agree. Apple did not need to come out with this yet. It's more just making it because it's been a year and now they think they need a new one because they make new iPhones every year and that's what people expect. Well it's a different name and has a few differences but nothing ground breaking here with the iPhone 5. Not shelling out $400 for it like all the hipsters will be spending.

I really hope Nintendo brings their A game to the press conference next Thursday. This will be a huge moment for the Wii U to dominate. It's one of the last major opportunities to reach out to a mass market of people and show them why the Wii U will be worth the investment. Bring it Nintendo, gotta bring it.

dark-hollow2235d ago

The "gimmick" word has been abused and totally run into the ground in n4g till it lost it's true meaning.

beerkeg2235d ago


If it's a company they love doing it, then it's innovative. If it's a company they don't like, then it's a gimmick.

blumatt2235d ago

I'm interested in the Wii U but need to see more. Right now Mario U and Zombi U have my interest piqued. I just hope the price is no more than $299. If it is, then I'm waiting. The 720 and PS4 are coming most likely next XMas do I may just hold off until I see what they're all about first. The PS4 is almost a given that I'm buying it. The other two are up in the air. I don't know if Im getting all three now due to my budget.

As for the iPhone 5, I have a 4s that's working fine. However, if the 5 hardware is compelling enough, then I may shell out for it. I'm about 50/50 on buying one.


Hey look its 20 Titles at launch... yep that is a real gimmick all right... PS Vita... STILL DOESN'T HAVE A LIBRARY... touch screens on the back... LMAO WHAT A GIMMICK!

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JBSleek2235d ago

Bringing iPhone 5 news to a news game forum is not a good idea as their ideals are usually misguided.

MEsoJD2235d ago

I'm more interested in the new iphone than Nintendo's new console... they really need to step up.

ChickeyCantor2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Now here is an Apple fanboy speaking.

MEsoJD2235d ago

really? No I just want Nintendo to release/show some interesting content. I haven't seen any content from the Wii-U that seems incentive enough to buy. Frankly, I'm very skeptical on how successful the console will be, from what has been shown so far.
Please take time to analyze a comment before responding, and labeling someone a fanboy.
On a side note, I believe I remember you from N4G long ago, being quite the damage control for nintendo though I may have you confused for someone else(don't take offense to it). Anyway it doesn't matter.

ChickeyCantor2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

iPhones havn't been "interesting" since the second release. You simply put the iphone and Wii-u in the same category. As if they were competing for your purchase.

You deliberately gave the iPhone the upper hand because you're a fanboy. Even though there was really no need for it.

MEsoJD2235d ago

Your wrong sir. The reason I put the two in the same category is that they are both mentioned in the title and both companies are having conferences around the same time. Part of the reason for such conferences is to sell the idea/product to the consumer. As things stand, I simply have more interest in the new rumored iphone than what Nintendo has shown of their new console. Anyway your entitled to your opinion. I don't know about you, but my reasoning isn't black and white...though yours maybe. I really shouldn't have to expand upon/elaborate my comments, but I suppose to keep events/responses like this from happening...
Hey did you use to have a character from reboot as your avatar?

WeskerChildReborned2235d ago

I'm not, Iphones release every year and a next gen console doesn't.

MEsoJD2235d ago

Here's the problem, what incentive does one who already games on xbox/ps3/pc to pick up the WII-U? The controller(which seems more of a distraction than being useful), the games(sadly I'm not convinced at developers willingness to adopt), ports of games I have already played(not necessarily a bad thing, but it needs special exclusives to separate itself), and the console(I would like some specs and pricing). These sort of things concern me about nintendos new console. Hopefully things appear better when we draw closer to release.

As for Apple.... In my opinion, the majority of their products are overpriced crap, but I do like their phones. No bias, but I just like the build quality and software. Though I've been eyeing the Galaxy S3. Well, I'll see if they impress Sept.12th.

dark-hollow2235d ago

"what incentive does one who already games on xbox/ps3/pc to pick up the WII-U?"

nintendo exclusives?

N4g_null2235d ago

They already did? The last story creator is on board, platinum games has p 100, smash is coming Zelda, 3d Mario with 2d Mario zombi u and assin cred 3, more treasure games, even work on eternal darkness started yet ended due to how bad hd console gaming actually was. I might actually try a ninja gaiden game again.

Sure some of the bigger studios are playing wait and see lol but they will loose a lot of money next gen for making crap on current hd consoles. No one except a few big publishers can afford to live up to the
Demand gamers are looking forward to.

Maybe gamers actually want Nintendo to lie about the specs to encourage support. They could easily cite the bandwidth jump of the embedded ram, the fact that all demos run off the system ram not hard drives the fact that they have a Wacom tablet that updates faster than your tv? Or the fact they can do hd and still have a second screen.

I'm starting to think gamers are actually getting less creative in these gens. Luckily YouTube proves that wrong.

I would say kid icuras or metroid hunters on the wiiu online would be halo like effects on the system. Also expect another wii play type of situation incoming which is Nintendo land in disguise.

What is funny is no one knows what ethier are truly going to announce. I'll be skipping apple for smart glass anyway since it can run 3dsmax. Yet I had a great collection of games on the wii. Some could even be seen as collectors items lol but they are all still played till today. I'm very excited to see them do it all over in 3d.

Last story and xenoblade need to be remade in hd. A new treasure side scroller on the wiiu is a must also.

Not sure why everyone is worried about people using the wiiu pad. Screen on screen play is where the magic is. Now that we have a 3dsxl I'll be waiting on that update that lets me use that as a wiiu controller for 3 screen gaming lol.

There are so many applications you can use with this idea and asymmetrical gaming is the simplest but hey I don't blame nintendo for being quiet since I'm sure ms and Sony got their note pads ready.

playlikemario2235d ago

i am expecting Nintendo to open the show with a major announcement of something special like super smash bros Wii or star fox or something then they are going to go into their expectations of the Wii U and what they are looking to do by the end of the year and then they are going to show some gameplays of titles to come out by years end and they might talk about MiiVerse and Nintendo network and all the social aspects and somewhere by the close of the conference meeting they will reveal the price and the release date of November 11Th or 18Th and 299.99 with nintendoland and 249.00 for the console and 349.00 for a special bundle. and then they will close out the conference with a trailer for a new game. as far as apple goes i don't give two terds in a toilet about the iPhone 5 cause im not an apple fan.

Thepcz2235d ago

and i want the price to be not a penny over £250

if so, the wiiu is going on hold indefinitely.. until i can afford it. even 250 is too much really

if what is heard is to believed, the wii is little more than a souped up ps3 with a advanced controller, so 200 would be more fitting really.

yabhero2235d ago

"if what is heard is to believed, the wii is little more than a souped up ps3 with a advanced controller, so 200 would be more fitting really."
Instead of listening to N4G fanboys listen to developers who all love WiiU.
250 pounds is 400 dollars.
299 or 349 makes sense for WiiU, 399 maybe

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