Face-Off: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Eurogamer - Over 13 years after Counter-Strike first appeared as a user-created mod for the original Half-Life, the game is still one of the most popular shooters available on Steam. So much so that despite the release of Counter-Strike Source back in 2004, the 1.6 version of the original game is still supported by a sizeable number of dedicated players. The driving force behind the game's popularity is simple: the team-based gameplay works just as well now as it did all those years ago and, remarkably, it still delivers an experience which comfortably stands out from other first-person shooters in today's crowded marketplace.

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XB1_PS42229d ago

IMO this game doesn't work well on consoles. Played it on xbox and it didn't feel like the counterstrike that I've grown accustomed to in the past decade.

FanboyPunisher2229d ago

CS will only work on PC.

Consoles severely gimp this game graphically, and gameplay wise. Mice are essential, as are modded servers.

FanboyPunisher2229d ago

lol fanboys be butthurt by reality, 720p, 30fps, controllers, aim assist, no mods, gimped sever sizes, lol!

All the serious CS players are on PC for big reasons.

achmetha2229d ago

I'm not quite sure the logic behind comments like these. If more people can experience a game- that's awesome.

Axecution2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

Technically you could say the same thing about pretty much any FPS. There's reasons people play on consoles and there's reasons people play on PC.

I personally bought CS:GO for PC cause as you said, it's a better game for PC.

But its not like any of my friends can afford gaming PCs. They all play on the PS3 (which, by the way, CS:GO supports mouse and keyboard as well as PS Move and the Sharpshooter on the PS3). At the same time, PS+ gets a discount cheaper than even Steam's preorder price. And you can play in front of your TV without having to get up and annoyingly use the mouse every time you wanna chat with somebody. (yes, sometimes i play CS on the PC connected to my TV while holding a PS3 controller. Wanna fight about it? >.>)

CS:GO is fine for consoles or PC.

XB1_PS42229d ago

@achmetha Then you also have the people complaining about skyrim on PS3? It makes sense to compare the native platform to the ported platform. The only thing I was trying to say was that it's better on PC because it was developed for the PC.

achmetha2228d ago

My comment wasn't actually directed at you, it was directed at FanboyPunisher, but it wouldn't let me reply to just his comment.

Comparing the game against different systems is fair. I do it all the time to see what game I'll buy for which system, but you should never insult the group of people who play on another system- like FanboyPunisher did.

Using different peripherals, or have "lower" graphics settings doesn't technically mean anything to a person who has only one option to play the game.

Anyways, didn't mean to offend you sofresh412. Cheers.

Kurylo3d2228d ago

I was very disappointed with this one.. didnt feel like cs to me.. its like veryone u fight is like fighting robocop. 2 clips to the chest and u dont die... fuck it... thats why u go back and play call of duty where people actually die.

chukamachine2228d ago

I'm guessing they stated the pc version or 360 version.

Nothing new.

As for the game, it's old now. Still a decent shooter, but cod has taken over these days.

As for graphics.

It's nowhere near the quality of titles on both PS3/360.

Heck better engines make this game look like a PS2 game.

And the moral of this story is, there are better games about.

BF3. Destroys this and everyother shooter in existance.