The Dark Side of Online Gaming

Decades in a Digital World writes: If online gaming was a real, physical, living person, then beneath the sweet smile,shiny teeth and flowing locks would beat the heart of an utter bastard.

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Anon19742325d ago

I hardly ever play online anymore. I ditched XBL back after trying to play Halo 3 online netted me nothing but insults from 12 year olds and loud music blaring through mics. I have no idea why anyone would consider that entertainment.

Not worth the hassle in my opinion with so many great single player experiences out there. I switched over to the PS3 for my online fun and although I've had great matches of Killzone 2 and 3, COD is just a different beast. It's just flooded with mouthy kids. The odd time I do venture online with COD, I mute everyone, by default. It's the only way to insure you can play in peace.

These online services need play matching by age group. I just can't stand playing with children. Where the hell are these kid's parents while they're shouting racial and homophobic slurs at the tops of their lungs, telling me they effed my mother? It's like the Lord of the Flies island, but if they had game consoles and internet access.

You'd think the online community would do more to report these players and clean things up. You can't honestly tell me it adds to the enjoyment of gaming online.

I think every single online game needs a vote/kick option. If there were actually repercussions to their griefing, that'd straighten out a few of the little bastards. Not as much fun screaming into a mic if you just get kicked every match and can't play, huh?

BaseAllstar2325d ago

I must admit to being on the brink of adding kids online as a separate section in the write-up, but there are some good ones out there that play in good spirit, or whose parents haven't bought them a mic yet. I think you're spot on though, CoD is a very different beast to most.

I also honestly don't believe the report and avoid options on Xbox Live have any impact, but then if they did I suppose it'd be open to abuse & take a ridiculous amount of moderating. I see them more as a tool to make you feel a little satisfaction when hitting avoid against a player that's been killing the game.