Eurogamer reviews The Club

Overall, The Club is brilliantly immediate, logical and rewarding in ways that the PGR games always were and are, and it does for the third-person shooter what no one else has even bothered trying to do: moving it closer to the 2D shoot-'em-ups of old in a manner that appeals anew. In terms of Bizarre's canon, it is what PGR was for cars: familiar concepts designed to be enjoyed over and over rather than gasped at and discarded.

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MK_Red4326d ago

EuroGamer is a rather strange site. Thye give 8 to games that get 9 and 9.5s from all other sites but then give 8s and 9s to titles that may get 6s and 7s from others.
I guess the Club is one of those unique shooters where you'll either love the combo based gameplay or hate it.