Skyrim: Gionight´s New Mod Experiments Looking Sexy And Amazing

Here are some stunning new modding shots from The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim. PC Games writes: "It's fresh collection of pics Gionight made while tweaking ENB 0.104v and 0.107v and some very few experiments with HeliosDoubleSix's enbeffect.fx"

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hulk_bash19872228d ago

DAT ASS........that is all.

FanboyPunisher2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Sad gamers, go play with the real thing.
Unless your use looking but no touching; then no wonder you guys dwell on digital.

Hence the cycle, horny gamers feening for more digital ass.

Burnin2228d ago

and I guess you get a lot of pussy trolling here...

chicks dig THAT! ;)

StayStatic2228d ago

Hey guys someone just got to first base and gained a superiority complex.

OhMyGandhi2228d ago

@ fanboy

Your comment crack me up.
Get off your messiah complex, and join every other online person with an avatar.

Firebird3602228d ago

You clicked the same link for the same reason we all did hypocrite.

Zephyrus342228d ago

I enjoy reading how you guys rip this guy apart, haha.

Flavor2228d ago

It's a lonely road speaking truth to the unwashed masses, punisher. All you need is a pixellated image of a female backside to take over their ant brains.

killerhog2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


Hey you gotta pay the troll toll to get in the chicks hole


Wtf is wrong with n4g? Had the worse time trying to post. Kept failing, saying I'm doubling posing, telling me to wait.

Sarcasm2228d ago

Pretty ironic a guy named "FanboyPunisher" whose alias' sole purpose is to look for fanboys on the internet and then tries to put down "sad gamers."

Here's a song for you buddy,
Man in the mirror by Michael Jackson

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INehalemEXI2228d ago

lololol masses of what o0 +1

Abriael2228d ago

How to get on the front page of N4G without having anything interesting to say.

2pacalypsenow2228d ago

Yeah i have the steam version i have Steam workshop mods but none of them look like this

NewMonday2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )


get the mode from the web.

from my experience with Fallout NV their was a webpage hosting all the mods

it was simply downloading and copying the data to the games folder usually in Steamapps

SnakeCQC2228d ago

download the skyrim mod manager from http://

than search the same website for cbbe

hano2228d ago

Go to Skyrim Nexus and search for ENB mods. Geonight etc...

I like the Vibrant ENB mod.

JasonXS122228d ago

You need to download ENB mods for the graphics that only come from

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

I can't wait for gta 5 mods! And witcher 2 mods!

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NeoTribe2228d ago

Seems like this is all mods are good for. Removing cloths off npcs is the first thing these guys do. Not really interested in running around as a half naked chick, ty.

Allsystemgamer2228d ago

If that's all you saw through the ENB screens obviously your doing it wrong.

The nude mods are not even close to the highest downloaded. But you can try and make it seem that way bacause obviously all pc gamers are pervs right?

Console fanboys are worse than elitists because they ALWAYS leave out vital information to skew their view.

KidBroSweets22228d ago

Why'd you get so offended so easily and so defensive off of a simple comment? Not to mention, it really wasn't a personal attack on anyone and where did he say all pc gamers are pervs and also why do you assume he's a console fanboy?

Gimme a thumbs down if you want. Just would like you to answer my questions.

extermin8or2228d ago

not saying that all PC gamers are pervs, or that they are the most downloaded but there are a stupid number of nude mod articles on this site alone; really don't see why it's necessary to have improved the graphics etc like that but then made the characters nearly nude? just seems stupid and is the reason the stereotype of gamers being pervs and antisocial people sitting in dark rooms still hasn't gone away from all those years ago.. just saying because really anyone that plays games (no the wii doesn't count) can tell you this isn't the case (although sometimes I do end up playing in a dark room because the sunlight through the window stops me being able to see the monitor or tv :P)

JoySticksFTW2228d ago

Not really. Sometimes fans have to mod games to fix bugs the actual developer can't (be bothered to do).

I'm playing The Temple of Elemental Evil from right now.

When the game was first released, it was damn near unplayable due to the game-breaking bugs.

Modders Circle of Eight not only released patches to fix near all of the bugs for gamers, but also added numerous quests and features, new gear, raised the level cap, and even made a new game using TOEE.

Amazing stuff.

And I'm by no means a pc elitist. I'm primarily a console gamer owning all three this gen. But to discount / diminish the good that pc game modders have done seems ignorant.

andibandit2228d ago

Nice way to come out of the closet

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Freakazoid20122228d ago

So you prefer to be a half naked man instead?If you are a girl you seem to have a double standard there as most games today allow you to play as a buffed up guy.If you are a guy, you should be a girl.

aliengmr2228d ago

Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better.

Ignorance is bliss I guess.

Moerdigan2228d ago

Graphics sure came a long way.

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