The Grand Theft Auto movie that almost was

For years, everyone in Hollywood has wanted to get their hands on Grand Theft Auto. Big name producers and senior execs at major studios all did their best to convince Rockstar to give up the film rights to their franchise. But the brothers Houser were reluctant, and who can blame them? Grand Theft Auto is a huge cash cow and has a bigger profile in the young male demo than most TV shows and movies. And God knows there have been a lot of awful videogame-based movies that hurt the property more than they helped. So, even amongst those able to navigate the Rockstar bureaucracy and talk to the right people, the answer was always "no."

But last year, something changed. By the spring, a deal was virtually in place with one of the six major studios to start developing a Grand Theft Auto movie. Eminem was quite possibly going to star.

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P4KY B4323d ago

A big budget TV show would be better. Starring Jason Statham.

predator4323d ago

there are movies out there that can be gta (scarface and goodfellers come to mind)

Cartesian3D4323d ago

same here..

WTH ? eminem? .. he looks like a kid , not a criminal :P

50cent is a better choice imo.. lol!

Come on , choose a REAL actor !

nanometric4323d ago

Qouting Gangstarr's "Full Clip"- "You niggas talk crime, but your scared of jail"

BachelorBrit4323d ago (Edited 4323d ago )

As much as I love the Grand Theft Auto franchise a movie of the series is stupid in view. Can't they just leave all these great game series alone? (I am looking at you Metal Gear Solid and Max Payne). It seems there is NOTHING Hollywood would not turn into a movie. Let's face it here a Grand Theft Auto movie would be just like 100's of other crime/gangster flicks. So why bother?

gta_cb4323d ago

i love the GTA series, and have played them all on one platform or another. But i really dont see how they could make this game into a movie and make big $

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