GameSpy - Guild Wars 2 Review

GameSpy - Sometime around 10:00 this morning I hit level 80. If you're curious about my total playtime and how it compares to other MMORPGs, my timer is sitting at 116 hours, which is about how long it took me to level a new character from start to finish in World of Warcraft last month. I'm far enough ahead of the curve that I ended up soloing almost all of the dynamic events in the level 70-80 zone of Frostgorge Sound, and none of the few people in the general chat channels in the endgame wonderland of the Ruins of Orr sound like they know what they're doing. The novelty of it all is refreshing, and I'm enjoying it. I still have much to learn, of course, but I feel confident in stating that it looks like there's a lot of hope for Guild Wars 2's

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