Portal Getting More than Just "A Bunch of New Puzzles"

I don't know many people that didn't enjoy Portal; the only complaint I really heard was that it caused certain people to get motion sickness, and others felt it was too short. (I disagree, but nevertheless.) Barring those that get sick, the rest of us will be excited to know that Valve is planning to add more to the game than just "a bunch of new puzzles," as Valve's Doug Lombardi put it.

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ravenguard884326d ago

Portals was my favourite game of 2007. So far my fav of 2008 is REZ HD :D

It's like LSD but without the addiction and life-ruining effects :D

ar4326d ago

And how do you now what LSD is like?
Busted. ;)

Guwapo774326d ago

I'd love to play this game after Valve or the company Valve pawned this game off on comes up with a freakin patch. Then I'll buy it for the PS3...

mighty_douche4326d ago

Yep, i believe it was EA that messed it up, surprise surprise!

You should pick it up for your PC, you can buy just Portal through Steam, think its about £10 and you wont need a beast of a PC to have it playable and look nice, the Source Engine isnt overly demanding.

pwnsause4326d ago

portal on the PC is the superior version anyway, until Valve changes their way at how they look at consoles, im not getting the console version.

miasma4326d ago

I really liked this game, great concept, nice surprise. I look forward to new stuff...

Cartesian3D4326d ago

sorry, I dont know ANY people that dont like or didnt enjoy portal..

Zip4326d ago

I am excited to try it later today ;)

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