Can't wait for Lost Odyssey?

Eurogamer has confirmed that the recently released Asian version of Lost Odyssey can be played in English and works on PAL Xbox 360 consoles. Well, Dave McCarthy confirmed it. He's excitedly playing through it at the moment, the look of love on his face, the semi-regular spinning initiation of random battles probably reflected in a glassy stare of concentration and affection. Unless it's rubbish, obviously.

That's something we should be in a position to let you know about soon. Japanese weekly Famitsu, of course, gave it 36/40. Mind you, they gave Blue Dragon 37. And Nintendogs about 497.

So, perhaps hang on. Or don't: Play-Asia is flogging it for USD 49.90. Up to you.

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projectile4326d ago

Just bought myself a copy from play-asia, tanks for the tip! Looking forward to playing this with my GF.

kewlkat0074326d ago

I'm in the last stages of "Eternal Sonata" and will be digging myself a Hole to play this RPG and Bioshock together after the Pats devastating loss.

Oh the sorrows..