CAG's "Donate Games to the Troops in Iraq" Campaign are having donation campaign to the troops in Iraqs. So gamers if you have any games that you finished or don't use anymore. Pls. do donate your games.

This is what stated on the article:

"No matter your stance on the war in Iraq, I think we can all agree that our soldiers have a very rough time over there. Therefore, I am very happy to bring to your attention the CAG "Donate Games to the Troops in Iraq" Campaign.

CAG neushane, who is a member of the US Navy and is currently deployed in Fallujah, is spearheading the effort to collect your used (or new) games, and distribute them amongst his fellow troops.

Please send your game donations to:

SK1 Shane Neuhaus
30 NCR DET 1
FPO AP 09381-1702

Current generation games are preferred. Postage should be similar to shipping to most other USA destinations.

Once your games arrive in Iraq, they will be photographed along with their recipient."

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skagrerrrr4331d ago

i'm sending out my halo 3 within the week

Filanime034331d ago

I gave u bubbles cuz of ur generosity.

skagrerrrr4331d ago (Edited 4331d ago )

oh thanks bubbles to you too!

skagrerrrr4331d ago

& when rainbow six 2:vegas comes out, i'm shipping out my Call of Duty 4

nanometric4331d ago

Do you really think, they are in the need of COD4? :D

Excalibur4330d ago

The company I work for has a project called "Operation Shoe box" in which we pack boxes full kinds of goodies for the soldiers.
I've been giving my unwatched/played out DVD's VHS's and console and PC games.
We also sent over several DVD/VHS players for them.

It's a great program and I encourage other folks/companies to do this type of thing.

jedistev4330d ago

seems everyone comment on this..donated to War they need it!!!

they have enough with kill zone area....why not easy going games than MKD or MDK things

If i was US patroit..i would donated easy going games like Sim, Sport, Car..etc cos nobody play ;-P

but i prefer donate to poor country...

sorry but that my option

Fluffy2Duffy4330d ago

Wel firstly of all, im not sure about it, they wil focus more on games than protecting themselfs and teams, after their shifts, they wil rush to play a game and one thing, it relax their mind and the other thing thing is, wil they stil concentrate on the war?

Wel i wil send also my COD4, they can get the idea of how to play insane and how to be insane in war playing games...

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