Onkyo latest to cause grief to HD DVD camp

WesleyTech reports, that it appears Onkyo support is waning in the wake of Warner's early-January blow. An Onkyo spokesperson told Home Cinema Choice, "Given the current, multiple uncertainties surrounding the Blu-ray vs HD DVD issue, Onkyo has decided against bringing any further DV-HD805s to the UK." There was no comment on North America, or if this also applied to the Integra model.

The main cause for each of the companies HD DVD ennui stems from Toshiba's "race to the bottom" by cutting prices over and over, edging them out of the market. An Onkyo representative echoes this saying, "If a category becomes commoditised - as this sector shows signs of becoming - there's less reason to commit huge resources to it when they may be better employed elsewhere." This does indicate that Toshiba's aggressive pricing strategy is central cause behind Onkyo's decision.

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