PC gaming sales continue to slide

GamerNode writes: "Every few months, like clock work, console fanboys declare PC gaming dead and the console the future of electronic gaming. The traditional reaction from PC gamers has been something similar to "poppycock," but this time those fanboys might be on to something.

Now I'm not saying that PC gaming is dead, Crysis has already sold 1 million copies, but it is in a spot of bother at the moment and it could get a lot worse, very fast. With recent NPD numbers showing that retail PC games sales only made up around 14% of total 2007 sales in North America, even the staunchest, one-eyed PC gamer would have to step back and think for a moment.

It's simply getting much cheaper and quite a lot easier to play games on console. With set ups like Xbox Live it is incredibly easy to follow a friend straight into an online match and be playing within minutes. Yes, this can be done with PC games, but with the console systems every game goes through the same friends list and the whole process is streamlined and just great to use."

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Charmers4321d ago

I know terrible isn't it, PC's only account for 14% of sales IN AMERICA. I mean we don't look at Xbox 360 sales in Japan and go "oh the 360 is doomed I tell you". America is the PC's weakest market probably because the Americans tend to be a lil bit on the cheap side (no offence intended).

Secondly is it really fair to go "oh the PC's only account for 14% whilst consoles account for 86%" I should think the consoles do, there are SIX of them.

It is obvious what is happening, people have got bored with bashing the PS3 and now are turning to the PC. We had this same rubbish when the PS2 was launched and I have no doubt we will have to go through it all over again when the 720/PS4 launches.

Charlie26884321d ago

just in case you wonder you are getting disagrees its because as usual on this site once you start telling things how they are and dare to break the mood created by the article you are a no, no person that should be silence ASAP before more people start to learn and maybe think for themselvs

because sadly for many people in the world and a TON on this site ignorance is their best friend when trying to swing a crowd to think their way :(

ulath6664321d ago

Seriously. Would you ALL please stop using NPD figures?
They are useless for the PC market since they dont count in digital sales!

@charmers: The 360 in japan analogy was superb, im going to steal that for future discussions :)

Some things i posted in another thread:
Sure in NA the retail sales arent so hot but in europe it usually stands for about 50% of all RETAIL game sales (thats more than all consoles combined for those of you with a mathproblem :P)

A, Consoles arent "killing" the pc market, as i said, outside NA the PC sales are bigger than any console. Please come back a few months after the release of SC 2 and lets compare South Korea sales to console games worldwide...

C, Retail sales will decline(atleast for PC games, the consoles will stay with retail untill they got decent harddrives), digital distribution will take over, ive bought about twice as many games trough download services as i did from retailers last year. Thats the thing with PC digital distribution, its cheap (for the developers/publishers), its always open, you can use any major credit/debit card(no MS points or similar stuff). Its easy and VERY accesible. With broadband speeds pushing 1 gbit speeds and the release of decent VDSL2 products, alot of people will be able to download new games in a fraction of the time it takes to run to the closest retailer.

Says you4321d ago

PC gamers considering some times we here gamers die over there cause they don't eat that much nutrition and even though theres "World of Warcraft" its still not enough for the pc world to slide back up hell even Crysis is not enough to save it!.

Captain Tuttle4321d ago

Piracy is killing PC gaming

BloodySinner4321d ago

That and PC gaming happens to be wayyyyyy too costly.

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The story is too old to be commented.