Madden NFL 13 review: The little Infinity Engine that couldn’t [SideQuesting]

Mike Valenti of writes:

"The game’s main calling card this year was the introduction of the Infinity Engine: a new physics protocol that was to make hits more realistic, player reactions easier to judge and predict, and the interaction between digital athletes more like how you’d expect them to be.

The actual execution of said engine and feature can leave a lot to be desired."

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telekineticmantis2232d ago

This game is a piece of crap, worst madden in years. They don't even have mini-camp mode, that's half the reason I got madden in the first place. Unless they patch in mini-camp mode, I'm selling it, and never buying msdden again.

cedaridge2232d ago

Madden 13 is a step in the right direction and Madden 14 should be the icing on the cake. After Madden 14 I don't plan on getting anymore madden games until ps4/xbox 720 cycle! psn: cedaridge / xbl: cedar4Thunder