Microsoft tabletop PC set for Spring release

Gamernode: Microsoft's current project intended to secure another twenty years of dominance in the home computer market, the tabletop PC, is now set for release this Spring.

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coolfool4327d ago

For Microsoft to really make lots of money out of this wouldn't it have to appeal to the home market as well? Or at least to more of a market than the odd hotel?

I actually think that one of the main reasons this won't take off is because of Health and Safety. A boring reason I know but how people sit at a PC for long periods of time (anything over an hour really) can really affect their comfort. Being hunched over a table would cause peoples neck and back muscles to stiffen. People who are sensitive to this (like me) really couldn't take that. I would be suffering for many hours after using the thing.

marinelife94327d ago

I agree. I don't think I could hunch over a low coffee table for hours just to draw my face.

Plus Microsoft's hardware record isn't the best in the business. I'd be pissed to drop down a couple of grand on an interactive coffee table only for it to Red Ring on me.

Tyrael4327d ago

It wont take over or anything any time soon. The reason why our current setup is so successful is because we have different peripherals for everything. That is to say, a monitor is a monitor, a keyboard is a keyboard, and a tower is a tower. If any of those components fails, we just replace it. But what happens when your touch screen or projection tabletop dies on you? Well then the whole thing's no good.

yamamoto1144327d ago

It will take over. Once the price drops below a grand. Which means never.

Otherwise, yeah. It's basically various great ideas packed into a way too expensive box. The cost will kill it.

mighty_douche4327d ago (Edited 4327d ago )

It a nice/cool idea, but i dont see it ever replacing the stand PC layout.

Personally, i just want to know how much its gonna cost!

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The story is too old to be commented.