Game Informer review scores - October 2012 - Borderlands 2 and more

Check out the latest Game Informer scores, including a near-perfect score for Borderlands 2.

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Dread2998d ago


I am officially super psyched.

The surprise fo the year

Wingsfan242998d ago

I think that's the most nines I've seen in one issue of GI. Lookin good. Darksides 2 deff deserves the score, Transformers, eh, more 8 8.5 for me and Borderlands 2...can't wait.

konnerbllb2998d ago

I loved Fall of Cybertron but I agree it's an 8.5 at best. Excellent gameplay and story but it seemed a little unpolished to be considered a 9. I experienced a few bugs, for example enemies would get stuck in their spawns and most of the game suffers from pretty big framerate drops.

Heck if the framerate was a constant 30 and never dipped I'd give it a 9/10.

Wingsfan242998d ago

It was fun yea no doubt, I just never liked how the shooting felt in the game. For as big and powerful as the Transformers are, they didn't feel like they packed a punch with the weapons. I woulda like a cover system too, considering all your enemies could take cover. Still a great game though!

MySwordIsHeavenly2998d ago

OH, I can't freaking wait for it!!! :D

Also, Ratchet & Clank HD getting a 9.25 is nice.

Fuzrum2998d ago

Borderlands 2? Yes, please. Cannot wait. Seriously cannot wait...Bring it!!!

TheModernKamikaze2998d ago

I know that I won't be disappointed.