4 Reasons Why Microsoft Should Move to the Online Games Platform

Microsoft should ditch consoles, they’re in the past. It has been said several times before that we don’t need a new console. With the resources and amount of time it takes to create an online game versus that of a console game it isn’t worth it. It would be more economical for Microsoft to switch solely to focusing on making games for the computer and for the cloud.

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zeal0us2326d ago

To see you the time of clicking
2.Large Customer Base
3.Doesn't Set Back Video Games Several Years
4.More Developers to Publish and Support

HammadTheBeast2325d ago

Thanks +bubbles for being helpful.

Muffins12232326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Well if they did,which it would be hard to get back in the pc gaming world.They could integrate xbox gamers with pc gamers and offer exclusive dlc only bought on xbox live.One thing i liked about origin,it transferred all my ea games i bought to origin.Xbox should try to do something like this.That way it would be alot easier to switch.Also,i think they have a really nice interface and party's and voice messages would be awesome.I would totally go to xbox live if they had this on the pc version.They have alot of potential next gen for online if they play there cards right.Sony has even had cross integration with steam users for certain games.Either Microsoft will act early or be forced to soon.But to get pc cross platform going,they need to make there service better on the pc before pc gamers play xbox live.Another cool thing would be for pc gamers is that they would have alot more people to play games with because some games(cod black ops 2 pc) have almost no people playing and have tons of people playing it on the console.Pc gamers need this to happen.

Godmars2902326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Last time I checked console titles still sell more than PCs. That's what started PC devs interest in consoles in the first place.

I mean seriously - that's why MS went into console gaming!

Nevermind that consoles began as cheap and easy to operate platforms for PC oriented gaming - that concept's been shot to sh*t a while ago.

taquito2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )


thats where all the money is

on console, cod and halo, nearly everything else is a waste of money and flops relative to the HUGE amount of money invested

windows 8 will play all 360 games in 1080p at 60 frames with a mid-spec system

finally halo and gears wont look like 8 year old crap

wish so sony would man-up and put their games on pc too so uncharted 3 could look decent and not 6 years old and jaggie

JOHN_DOH2326d ago

Are you sure windows will play all 360 games?
The list they released looks pretty weak.

Qrphe2326d ago

Damien should shoot you again Taquito

theWB272326d ago

Idk about everyone else...including the disagrees but i read his comment with a ton of sarcasm. Made better by the fact he didn't have to point it out. C'mon guys....

TheBrownBandito2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )


Correct, you really don't know about everyone else! No offence meant. :)

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Somebody2326d ago

True...if we're still in 2010/2011. The tides are changing though.

Last time I checked there are tons of old PC titles/franchises being revived into free to play games. Anno, Red Alert Generals, Silent Hunter, Age of Empire, Sim City, Might and Magic the Gathering, Mech Warrior are some of the better examples being turned into f2p titles among newer titles that are already being sold or still in development.

With less production budget than a regular console/non-F2P PC game, these games are raking in millions even long after they are launched. Why wouldn't MS won't dive deep into it. Let's not ignore the fact that next gen consoles are still in limbo (if we ignore the rumors of ubiquitous "leaked" release dates and specs) while F2Ps are gaining popularity among developers.

I have a feeling the major publishers, MS and Sony, are at a crossroads atm. They want to continue with the next gen consoles but the cost (building them and covering for the initial cost before they consoles can be sustainably produced) and relevance in the current business environment (it's about mobile nowadays) is making them hesitant. Mobile gaming is fast surpassing what their current consoles took over half a decade to achieve. They want to dive right into mobile gaming but like a proverbial chain consoles are holding them back. They can't just leave consoles just like that and hoped the millions of fans wouldn't mind the switch. PC gamers are still angry with MS's little stunt so imagine what happens if they were to do the same with console gamers.

Megaton2326d ago

No thank you. They've tried to destroy PC gaming already with several launches of GFWL, but fortunately they've been rejected outright by gamers and game makers.

vortis2326d ago

Yeah, why would anyone suggest they take PC gaming seriously when the biggest piece of crippling DRM next to Ubisoft's garbage is GFWL?

Fix GFWL first then we'll talk.

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