Resident Evil: Survivial Horror vs. Action

Resident Evil is one of the most beloved survival horror franchises in all of gaming. But ever since the release of Resident Evil 4 - and especially with the release of RE5 - the franchise has taken a decided turn away from it survival roots, becoming more of an action franchise than anything else.

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Kratoscar20082326d ago

This days is:
Action= Generci, need little to none skills.

Survival Horror= Unique, need to carefully think when pulling the trigger.

RE is just generic now since you can pull the trigger witouth much thinking while in previous games just ramboing neated you a gameover at some point, a shame the series is dead.

Hazmat132326d ago

i think Dead Space 2 and (and maybe 3) did awesome at putting those two together.

Kyosuke_Sanada2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Both DNA for the genres will never be accepted amongst the masses. People will complain about the camera angles, hard to kill zombies and such but the same can be complained about the explosions and over the top melee attacks in an action game.

Is an action game better than a horror? No

Is a horror better than an action game? No

Both are judged by preference and should remain separate entities to add variety. Betwixt the two will form a marred mess with a confused identity which will only cause friction for both fan bases.

2326d ago
Treian2326d ago

Survival horror is the REAL Resident Evil. RE these days is just Gears of War with Resident Evil slapped on the cover.