G4TV Is Out, So Who's Next?

Max Level: "If you haven't heard by now, NBC has decided to take G4TV in a different direction. This basically means that the geeky video game and tech centered channel that we've come to know and love will never be the same moving into the future. Many are speculating about what's next for G4 as we don't officially know what's to come. Some believe that the channel is going to take a more "Spike TV" type of approach, making it a channel more so geared turned masculinity and not nerd culture."

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just_looken2233d ago

"What do you guys think? Is there room for another gaming channel in this highly competitive TV broadcasting market?"

another channel? up here in canada the only channel that has anything to do with gaming is g4tv hell they were the only ones that broadcasted e3/tgs but now thanks to nbc there going to "a new direction". Ill be cutting off my subscription to that channel asap and putting another nail in the almost finished coffin that is modern gaming. All were missing is consoles with full drm like pc then gaming will die quick.Im already surprised this gen wasn't like the 80's yet we have had what 15 maybe 20 awesome memorable games in the last 6yrs?.

killerhog2233d ago

GT.TV on Spike is broadcasting e3 etc.. G4 lost its touch when it became g4tv. It was barely anything close to a "geek" channel. Hell the only thing I watched their before I canned the channel was arrested development and x-play.

cyberninja2233d ago

G4tv sucks, period, so i don' t care whatever happens to them.

DEATHxTHExKIDx2233d ago

All the good hosts left. All they wanna do is show cops and cheaters. Only Xplay and AOTS were relvent to gaming. This has been going of for years so Im fuckin done with them. Whatever new direction they take them will be the nail in the coffin.

3-4-52233d ago

KP was the only reason to watch ATS. He actually cares and knows his stuff and isn't just on camera because. or was actually.

When he left I stopped watching. I only knew of the shop since 07 when it was him and Olivia. I never got to see any of the stuff prior so I can't comment on that.

Kind of sad in a way though because there just aren't enough shows that have to do with gaming or tech. Way too many dumb " reality shows "

cleft52233d ago

G4tv has been dead for a long time now. It was only because of a few people like Adam Sessler and Kevin Peria that G4tv hung on as long as it did. When those two left there was nothing left of G4tv but a bunch of pretentious fake nerds and gaming girls that didn't know the A button from the B button.

Wigriff2233d ago

Indeed. Good riddance to them and their pseudo tech and gaming journalism bullshit. What business does a Playboy bunny have hosting a show like AOTS? Sessler leaving was the nail in the coffin.

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