New Super Mario Bros. U Features a Single Seamless World Map

GenGAME writes: "According to next month's issue of Game Informer, New Super Mario Bros. U will have a single, seamless world map modeled after the pattern of Super Mario World. Though there will be themed sub-zones, you’ll be able to pan around the full map at any time, and branching pathways will do more than offer you alternate levels within the same world – they can also take you on a detour through a completely different map zone."

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Phil322231d ago

I'm excited for this and Rayman Legends. 2D platformers = love

Erimgard2231d ago

I'm really digging the similarities to Super Mario World for SNES. That was always my favorite 2D Mario title, so it's good to see it drawing inspiration from that era.

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elhebbo162231d ago

it should be called "new" if it was released like 3 times already.

tweet752231d ago

im hoping for the return of cape mario

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