Borderlands 2: Second Review Score Gameinformer

In a recent tweet by Andrew Reiner of Gameinformer, he teased the score borderlands 2 has received

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Nimblest-Assassin2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

Super stoked for this game... still not sure which class to start with

Might go with siren

btw... the score is 9.75/10


Relientk772329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I know what you mean, there are multiple classes I want to try. I loved the Siren from the first game. For Borderlands 2, I wanna try the Commando, Siren, Mechromancer, and maybe the Assassin as well.

edit: Well I want the Commando for solo, because thats what I used for the first Borderlands. I am most interested in trying the Siren and Mechromancer. I have the Ultimate Loot Edition pre-ordered. Also, btw yea u should use your name lol.

Nimblest-Assassin2329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

I like being on even teams... a lot of people want to be an assassin, so I guess I will hold of playing as one until later

Maybe the commando?

Man... they have awesome classes this time around

Lol... I just realized I could be an assassin with my name

EDIT: AWWWW YOU LUCKY BASTARD! They sold out of ultimate loot editions everywhere... and the ebay ones are jacked up in price

Well, I pre ordered at futureshop and I got this awesome steelbook


Relientk772329d ago (Edited 2329d ago )

You're gonna hate me even more ^

I had a $50 GameStop giftcard, so I used it on the Ulimate Loot Edition, so it was $100 lol

Christopher2328d ago

I used my credit card rewards cash to get the Ultimate Loot Edition from Amazon. Can't wait for it to arrive.

BrutallyBlunt2329d ago

Can't wait. This game is gonna be awesome.

Lord_Sloth2329d ago

Agreed. I only just got Borderlands when the PSN set it free with PS+ and I must say it's much better than I thought it would be. I assumed it would be another generic TPS but I am proud to say I was wrong.

Gonna finish the 1st then I shall get the second.

konnerbllb2329d ago

Borderlands has never been a third person shooter. What do you mean?

REDGUM2329d ago

Good on ya m8. I gave up on the game 3 times and sold it too untill someone explained the RPG bit of the game. Once I mastered that I thoroughly enjoyed it. Your right, it's no std FPS, which is exactly why it makes the game what it is...... Special. I'll see you online in 15 days.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2329d ago

Dude im so pumed for this game. September 18 might as well be cristmas day.

CharlesDCI2329d ago

Zer0 for me. I played the assassin class at PAX 2012 and it was a lot of fun. I think Gearbox should introduce new classes with all the DLC they have planned for it.

RedSoakedSponge2329d ago

they are... with the mechromancer which is being released a month after the game ships

vallencer2328d ago

In a recent interview they said if that's what players wanted then then they would do it.

Jaces2329d ago

Loved this game, will have to play more than one class this time 'round. Can't wait!

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Relientk772329d ago

This is awesome that the scores that are coming in, are this high. Getting me even more excitied for the game

SOD_Delta2329d ago

I don't think I could be more excited. I loved the first Borderlands. Must have beat the game like 6 times. I hope the DLC is as great as it was in the first as well.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2329d ago

Yea dude it sound like its gona be better then the last one , and the first was amazing.

LAWSON722329d ago

If this game even is nominated for game of the year i will cry.

konnerbllb2329d ago

is or isn't?

I think it deserves a GOTY nod. Your comment makes it seem like if it's nominated then it will be a bad thing.

NonApplicable2329d ago

Really? You haven't even played the game. How would you know if "it deserves a GOTY nod".

A: You don't

konnerbllb2329d ago

Counting down the days.. I'm disappointed that the torchlight 2 devs decided to release the same week as B2.

I preordered Torclight 2 and probably won't get to it until November. :)

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