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Sony Says That They’ve Been “Working Closely” With Bethesda to Get Skyrim DLC Working on the PS3

Kotaku- People who bought Skyrim for the PS3 are pissed. And you can't necessarily blame them.

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Community2258d ago
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MattyG2258d ago
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waltyftm2258d ago

Keep yer friends close, and shitty Devs closer.

Hatsune-Miku2258d ago

Bethesda is rubbish. Skyrim on pc isn't much of an improvement over the console versions. All there games suffer from a lot of issues

Nimblest-Assassin2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

IMHO... I think PS3 gamers shoud boycott Bethesda for all the crap they had to put up with

The game at launch was a joke, and essentially PS3 owners did not get the same product that was advertised for 360 gamers. Essentially 360 gamers got Skyrim, and PS3 owners got a steaming pile of sh*t for the same price

People were mad about the endings of Me3 (which I understand) ... but in all honesty, a studio doesn't deserve your money.. if they can't do the most important thing right GETTING THE GAME TO WORK PROPERLY!

Had the PS3 version, sold it, and got the PC version on sale... and honestly... I should have pirated it... since I shouldn't give this studio more money.

They should have held of the PS3 version to improve quality, or not realease it and scam PS3 owners out of their money... because the PS3 version is inferior to the PC and 360 versions

This article right here made me hate bethesda:

kwyjibo2258d ago

Skyrim on PC is a massive improvement. You get mods.

StayStatic2258d ago

You got to be shitting me

Silly gameAr2258d ago


Sadly, the media buzz and marketing dollars behind a Bethesda game will make sure naive PS3 owners run out to buy the next big Bethesda game because their buds are as naive as they are.

With tactics like that, why even try to make the game as good as it can be on PS3. Look at COD PS3 sales for an example of that.

Freakazoid20122258d ago

"because the PS3 version is inferior to the PC and 360 versions " Well isnt that the case with most multi platform games? This next part isnt directed at you but your post gave me a chance to point out how silly some people have sounded lately.

Quoting Sony fans from Wii U articles. If it was more powerful it would run the multi plats without any issue at all and should in fact run them better...

Now before all the fanboys get pissed and message me, I know what I said about it should be superior if the PS3 was indeed stronger than 360 part is complete BS but it was you guys making the same claims in Wii U articles and I just wanted to give it back to you, so you could see how stupid you sound.

ALLWRONG2258d ago

Good Idea, boycott Bethesda and force them to go even more Xbox exclusive.

PS-Analog2258d ago

I think inferior multiplats on the PS3 has nothing to do with power but the fact that the PS3's architecture is foreign to the PC's architecture. Porting from the PC's that they develope the game on is a smoother process on the 360 and Wii U because the architecture is more similar to PC. PS3 ports need more time and money that some developers don't want to put in hence why theres some ports that are identical and why some are bad.

Wii U should have little trouble with games being ported so what ports you see on the Wii U should be somewhere near the best that they can get out of the Wii U.

That said, Sony and Nintendo fans that are arguing about the graphics on the Wii U should remember that graphics isn't what makes Nintendo consoles good.

aviator1892257d ago

You're kidding, right?
Skyrim on PC allows you mods. That opens up an infinite amount of possibilities.

GrahamGolden2257d ago

y glad there is mods nexus for that crap or i wouldnt have bother to play it more than 20 hours

Razmossis2257d ago

Skyrim broke my hard drive. It froze while auto saving, I had to do a hard reset because the console wouldn't turn off.
When I turned it back on I heard a couple of strange 'clicks', then the PS3 opening screen went into slow-mo and couldn't fully load up.

Had to get a new hard drive, lost everything.
It's that before Skyrim, the most broken game I'd ever played was Fallout 3

rpd1232257d ago

I agree. I have it on 360 and it's great but not without it's issues. The problems on PS3 are completely unacceptable. And even though PC players are saying that you can get mods, that means that Bethesda knowingly released an unfinished product because they know PC gamers will improve it for them.

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Aceman182258d ago

sold my copy months ago. last game i buy from them

Jaybronee2258d ago

Sold my copy, too. I had a lot of missions that I couldn't even finish because it was so buggy.

MysticStrummer2258d ago

@Jaybronee - Yeah it's funny, but before the last PS3 patch I had quests that wouldn't leave my log even though I had done them, and after the patch I promptly ran into a quest I can't finish. The game actually got worse after the patch. Bravo Bethesda.

under taker 342258d ago

Geez, there's people who don't like Capcom, square enix, Bioware, Valve, EA, Ubisoft, Id software, Infinity ward, and now Bethesda.

If none of these companyies existed we wouldn't be able to have someithing to play in the meanwhile.

A little sympathy!

PersonMan2258d ago

Everyone loves Naughty Dog, Guerrilla Games, Sucker Punch, Rockstar, Criterion Games, ThatGameCompany and DICE though.

MySwordIsHeavenly2258d ago

People don't like Valve?

No. Everybody loves Valve.

Lord_Sloth2258d ago

I will give no sympathy for crappy products created by lazy devs who've been remaking the same title for more than a decade. They should know it well enough by now!

GrahamGolden2257d ago

i have naughty dog
quantic dream
japan studios
frictional games


iamnsuperman2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Why sympathise with shoddy development that shows they willingly released a buggy product and spent less (if any) time testing the game. At the minute Bethesda is at the very low end of my respect. Releasing a very buggy, if not broken game, is not on at all

edit: @MySwordIsHeavenly. I do not hate Valve either. I do hate the following of Valve. People treat Valve as if they are gods.

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Muffins12232258d ago

well,if you where a developer and introduced to something total different to develop for,it would be hard okay?I mean,ps3 has had 100 and 100's of shitty versions of video games.Xbox is just like the pc to develop for almost.Very easy,i think next gen,sony will make it easier.Besides,in your eyes around 30 percent of developers are "shitty devs".

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2258d ago

Dude Bethsda is firmly latched on microsofts money nipple

tommygunzII2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Without Bethesda true open world 3D RPG's don't exist.

If you don't like their games don't buy em, its that simple. I platinum'd Skyrim on PS3 in 280 hours, with a shit eating grin on my face 80% of the time. If i had spent my $60 on Uncharted 3 instead, I would have to have replayed it 18.66 times to get the value that I got from Skyrim.
Since Skyrim played virtually bug free for me I am led to assume that most gamers are just a bunch of fat doughy whiny ass haters that aren't satisfied with anything.

LinLeigh2258d ago

Or you were the lucky one. How would you feel if the game that gave you a shit eating grin was almost unplayable?
You shouldn't assume so much.

GrahamGolden2257d ago

"Without Bethesda true open world 3D RPG's don't exist. "

harder plz....troll HARDER

clap clap clap

Anon19742257d ago

I agree. If you don't like them, don't buy them. For me, I'll be first in line when the next Bethesda game comes out as Oblivion, Fallout 3 and Skyrim. In the 30+ years I've been gaming, I can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that these three games are among the best I've ever played. And I have no qualms about buying them on my PS3 either as my experience has been nearly flawless. There was issues with the PS3 at version of Skyrim at launch (even though they didn't effect myself personally) that affected a minority of players and two weeks from launch it was patched. Since then they've continued to find improvements to support their product.

And as for Dawnguard, I waited a year for the Shivering Isles for Oblivion, I'm not overly concerned I haven't played Dawnguard yet.

To me, it's just people bitching for the sake of bitching. Whenever anything becomes popular, it almost instantly becomes cool to hate it. We saw it happen with Mass Effect, with GTA, with COD, with Skyrim..on and on it goes. Thankfully, the internet whining hasn't influenced my opinion regrading these fantastic games in the slightest, and never will. I always trust the opinion of professional game reviewers over kids on the internet. If I had paid any attention to the internet chatter I would have missed some of the best games this gen has to offer.

Disagree with that all you want. It won't stop me from continuing to play Skyrim to death, it won't stop me from buying Dawnguard on the PS3, it won't stop me from continuing to support Bethesda for providing truly excellent, unique open world RPG's.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2257d ago

"Without Bethesda true open world 3D RPG's don't exist."

They also invented the lightbulb, gotta give credit where credit is due :b

tommygunzII2257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

I never said they invented open world 3D rpg, but give me one example of a open world 3d rpg that isn't made by bethesda. Don't say rockstar because you can't mod weapons or talk to npc's in their games. Just one example. If it has a zone every 500ft then its not open world either.

Withdreday2257d ago

"but give me one example of a open world 3d rpg that isn't made by bethesda."

Dragon's Dogma, Dragon Age: Origins I & 2, Demon's Souls, The Witcher series, Two Worlds I & II, etc, etc...

GenericNameHere2257d ago

280 hours for the platinum?? It only took me around 80+ hours, and I wasn't even trying to get the platinum.

aquamala2257d ago

what other games are like Fallout and Skyrim? all other games are so simple by comparison, and have much smaller game worlds.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

Also keep shitty instruction set's far away! Cell won't be here next gen.

And if MS really makes the next xbox a modified windows. It will be impossible for ps4 to have a better port of any game.
There biggest weapon against sony is actually windows.
Almost same code for xbox and pc = win.

Sony will be helpless if they don't use gaikai seeing how xbox 720 will be cross platform.

Xbox ports will just be better by default next gen even if sony used sensible pc parts.

SephirothX212257d ago (Edited 2257d ago )

Firstly, PC version of Skyrim is way better than consoles. I know because I've played the 360 and pc version. The load times are extremely fast on pc compared with consoles and the graphics and frame rate can be improved considerably. Open worlds games where the layer can do any quest at any time are not easy to make without a huge amount of bugs. I noticed very little bugs on the PC version and I've played over 300 hours. PS3 is a difficult console to develop for. Every dev have said this. Sure linear corridor games like Uncharted and Killzone are a lot easier but Skyrim is on a different scale. So play your linear games on PS3 and get your open world games on PC and stop whining.

forevercloud30002257d ago

Originally I didn't have any problems with Skyrim other than mild slow down yet I was content with that. It wasn't until the supposed fix that my game really started breaking. Now everytime I get in the water my game freezes, and generally locks up too often. This is just sad.

Bethesda should let PS3 owners get this DLC for free, just for putting up with all this crap. How can they possibly expect us to PAY for broken DLC....that game way later than on PS3.....and the basic game was broken forever as well? It better be Free as that would at least make it up a little.

Consoldtobots2257d ago

"Good Idea, boycott Bethesda and force them to go even more Xbox exclusive."

I would be TOTALLY in favor of making room for dev who can make the PS3 shine. Anyone that thinks the PS3 gamer market is not attractive to ANY developer is either a fanboy or a complete moron.

Withdreday2257d ago

Yeah, all these Bethesda issues makes the PS3 look bad, which is shocking since Bethesda seems to be the only ones having real issues.

OneAboveAll2257d ago

Don't know. Game seems to run fine on my 360. Trololol

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ChunkyLover532258d ago

Well its as good as done then.

Jazz41082258d ago

If sony cant figure it out then its about time to start looking at the problems the ps3 has caused as many devs havd stated that it has issues with ram and reading from a disc at any decent speed. Sony would be screwed if they didnt put a hard drive on there console like the ps2.

TheSlasher2258d ago

SHHH!, you're not allowed to say that.

Ducky2258d ago

I believe the slow reading speed has mostly been overcome with the newer BluRay discs/drives.

Issue appears to be mostly ram related. The split ram usually ends up hurting the PS3 when it comes to open-world games. Then again, Bethesda's hands aren't clean either since the games could've been make less ram-hungry.

Reborn2258d ago

I still believe that if you say you'll put a game on multiple platforms, your team should be comprised of individuals who can help get that job done as best as possible.

Yeah, if the console has some issues. Why weren't they doing decent research to work out how they could resolve the problems, without causing such a drastic delay? All they've done is shown how incompetent they are in dealing with tasks.

StayStatic2258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

"Why weren't they doing decent research to work out how they could resolve the problems, without causing such a drastic delay?"

You answered your own question , more research = time & delays , failing to acknowledge that is nothing short of irrational & is not logical in any sense.

However Bethesda had no right releasing the game in the condition it was in and should have delayed the PS3 version if it had these problems, till it was ready for release.

Failing that scrap the whole thing and save the customer some money.

NastyLeftHook02258d ago (Edited 2258d ago )

have you seen ps3 exclusives? the last of us? and multiplats better on ps3 ?

me2, oblivion, portal 2, batman aa ect?

you have no idea what your talking about.

stonecold32258d ago

final fantasy 13 and ff13 xiii2 la noire marvel vs capcom 3 burnout battlefield 3 to name a few if anything i wouldnt be suprised the xbox is holding this game back and m$ has paid them off i wont buy bethesda games have no reason. im waiting for final fanatsy vs 13 and ni no kuni to be released .

CalvinKlein2258d ago

ok so youve got 4 multiplats that are barley better on ps3, two of them came out 1 year later than the 360 version... There are tons that are better on the 360 by a wider margin too.

Maybe skyrim would be as good on ps3 if they waited till november 2012 to release it, but then im sure people with ps3 would complain more about it.

bystanderlead2257d ago

Going multiplatform for any game series is hard, imo. You're talking about porting your code and optimizing it so that it works properly.

Game studios all have their specialties and focus in game creation, whether you like it or not. The engines that they make follow the same logic - in the vein that development becomes easier for them in a specific architecture for a specific game that they build.

Bethesda's problem lies in that. Their open world games track every single change within the environment, and this method of development hurts ps3 because of its vastly different architecture. A code revise hurts their engine as well, because they've gone multiplat - its easier and non-consuming when your engine is already set and unified (to accept assets) for all games. A change might not translate well to other development veins.

You should have minded when you bought the product, then. Or at least given it some thought. For all of this crap thrown around, at least give a moment to think about the problems that the devs have before playing around and discounting them.

IMO, the game was really going to be troublesome for PS3 - Bethesda's known to be a studio with games that allow a lot of modding, which translates to games that can be fooled around by the player. PS3 is a closed source system, and rarely (if any) do they allow mods or even condone it.

delosisland2257d ago must be joking. Omg so what's your life like. Hmm I wonder, so you live in a basement?

omi25p2257d ago

Mass Effect, Portal 2 and Batman AA are certainly not better on ps3. Two of them are Running on an engine designed for the 360.

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Sashamaz2258d ago

It's not easy to take someone's code and immediately know what needs fixing. Every game engine is different and achieve their results with different methods. The reason ps3 exclusives look good is because they were build on engines built from the ground up with ps3 tech in mind, trying to then do this on someone else's engine might take some time as you have to work out how everything works.

Consoldtobots2257d ago

i think this just proves bugthesda devs have NO IDEA how to properly use the PS3's ram. If you can't figure out how to split up static vs dynamic world objects between ddr/xd ram should not be developing games.

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