Jolly Co-Operation: A Dark Souls Co-Op Story

Pixels or Death's Emily Payton reminisces on how co-op play helped her overcome the brutal challenges of Dark Souls.

"I had zero souls, zero humanity, and every time I tried to face the Capra Demon, it was a veritable shit-show. I hadn’t even attempted the Gargoyles yet. Admittedly, I’d made numerous, amateur-level mistakes along the way: I’d never really learned how to block, let alone parry. Not to mention the fact that I, stupidly, wasted an extremely rare item: instead of getting a permanent increase to the efficacy of my health potions, I opted to cash-out for a measly couple of hundred souls.
It seemed as though all hope was lost..."

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SillyBastid2232d ago

I have yet to try co-op in dark souls, not even sure how to do it