GTA meets Mario Kart in 'Grand Theft Mario Kart,' GTA IV Elephants Are Capable Of Driving

DSOGaming writes: "We love modders. Well, if you are regullar here you already know that but we have to say it one more time – we love you guys. Following yesterday’s ‘GTA 2 in GTA IV’ story, we bring you today a crossover between Mario Kart and Grand Theft Auto. HorselessProductions have created this amazing machinima video that puts together Grand Theft Auto and Mario Kart. This guy has also been behind another crossover between Super Mario Bros and Grand Theft Auto that can be viewed below. In addition, we’ve included an ‘Elephant Mod Showcase’ video from Jonathan Gustafsson. Enjoy everyone!"

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claud32230d ago

Lol, that was something else

Dan502230d ago

Reminds me of Robot Chicken's skit when I saw the title haha.

FarCryLover1822230d ago

Coming soon to the Wii-U in an alternate universe.