PSP gets Skype functionality - Gizmag puts it to the test

Sony recently released a firmware update for the PSP that adds Skype functionality - as long as your PSP is the newer, slimmer kind. Gizmag has spent the Monday morning calling people from weird places - here's the lowdown.

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Tarmgar4328d ago

Cool. Though, I want a PSP REALLY BAD, the ONLY thing keeping me from getting it is the SECOND ANALOG. Don't know why it's so hard to put a 2nd one in there, but that's my reason. Good to know that Skype works nice and fine.

PlayStation3604328d ago

I would love for them to bring out a PSP with built-in Go!Cam and Go!Explore, Bluetooth, Oled screen, and ofcourse that 2nd Analog. Maybe Rumble, but that would be pushing it. :P

Man, that sucker would be sweet. Oh well, a gamer can dream. :(

bootsielon4328d ago

I'd like a built in microphone, a touch screen and two analogue triggers. Why couldn't sony make it that way? lol