Mark of the Ninja Review (PlanetXbox360)

From the feature XBLA review:

"Ninja games -- they usually go one-way or the other. And by that, I mean either you're a complete bad-ass capable of taking on all comers with abilities and ninpo magic, or you're going for the more stealth-like approach, striking enemies without their noticing and leaving the intent that you were never even there, even with the trail of bodies you leave behind. So, yeah, either you're a Ninja Gaiden sort of gamer, or you prefer the style of the classic Tenchu series. Well, Mark of the Ninja is a game that kind of appeals to both sides."

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LaurenKB1232329d ago

Getting the demo now, have a feeling I'll be buying the full game...

UltimaEnder2329d ago

Couldn't agree more, it's a fantastic XBLA game!

Siren302329d ago

xbla has really stepped it up this year. Minecraft, fez, trails evolution, and now this.