Wii shortages continue down under

Nintendo Australia rep confirms to GameSpot AU that Wiis are selling faster than the factory can ship them, with some customers forced to wait until March for retailer rainchecks to be honoured.

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Eretik4326d ago

If they will improve animation and take care about game balance we could get something like Planescape Torment of 21-st century

wiizy4326d ago

come on nintendo.. lets get all this resolve before smash bros hit the west ...

slymaddox4326d ago

I just don't get the fascination with Wii. I owned one and couldn't find any games to play. Maybe I should of held out a little longer.

4326d ago
tom15954325d ago

i work in a games retailer in new zealand (just across the ditch from australia). new zealand does not have its own independent nintendo management. we share australia's. new zealand has stacks of wii's in the store room. they hardly sell.

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