Darksiders II sells just 247,000 copies in US

The NPD Group has informed GamesIndustry International that THQ's Darksiders II sold just 247,000 units for the August reporting period - that's despite placing first on NPD's top 10 chart, which shows just how weak retail software sales have been.

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Snookies122259d ago

Yet games that (most likely) won't deserve it... *cough* Black Ops 2 *cough* will sell extraordinary amounts... :\

LOGICWINS2259d ago

Hmmm, although your entitled to your opinion, thats your opinion vs. the millions that will purchase BO2 Day 1.

ABizzel12259d ago

According to VGChartz, it's already at 600k+. By the end of the moth it should be well over 1 million.

pandaboy2258d ago

Argumentum ad populum logicwins. Don't make your name ironic.

Winter47th2258d ago

THQ must be pissing themselves right now. They need to sell something well soon or they're done for.

RememberThe3572258d ago

And those millions wont even think of trying Darksiders 2.

Popularity =/= Quality

gaffyh2258d ago

DS2 is a really great game, at least it was number 1 in the month. Hopefully the sales continue during the holidays.

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guitarded772259d ago

The term "deserve" sounds so defensive. It's fine not to like CoD, but to imply that the programmers, level designers, artists, etc don't deserve to be successful for their hard work is kinda insulting.

I'm sure the Darksiders team put their hearts into the game, especially knowing how high the stakes were with THQ in its current financial situation. Did they "deserve" more success? I'm not one to say that someone or group does or doesn't deserve success, because sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't regardless of circumstances.

If you and I and/or other gamers want to see an under appreciated title get the success we feel it deserves, then we need to promote it by saying what's great about it, not fall on our backs and say "it isn't fair". Word of mouth positive criticism can take a game from poor sales to strong sales... word of mouth is worth more than any advertising dollar.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2259d ago

Yea its a bummer It didnt do that well , but 250k isnt that bad . hopefully they make enough for a sequal .

Withdreday2258d ago

250k isn't that bad? That gets some studios shut down.

Daver2258d ago


dont forget that its only for US

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PockyKing2259d ago

Lowering sales trends usually accounts to developers holding newer games for the next-gen, as we've seen in the past. Basically get all the sequels out for these gens to conclude a series, then start the wave of new IP's for next-gen. At least that's what I've noticed. Doesn't account for the fact that spring of next year is going to rip a hole the size of China through my wallet and time.

Bowzabub2259d ago

I'm a proud contributor to that total.

Gwyn-Lord-Of-Cinder2259d ago

Well thats good i need to buy it maybey this black friday there will be a good deal on it , and ill be all over it.

MultiConsoleGamer2259d ago

The midnight launch near my home had quite a large turnout. I'm actually a little surprised br this news.

kevnb2259d ago

thats not a bad number for week 1...

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The story is too old to be commented.