SteelSeries Siberia V2 Frost Blue Review (Invision Game Community)

I have had a couple of gaming headsets, quite a few headsets purely for my i-pod and have a couple of sport headsets lying around. I’ve always preferred them to their smaller ear sized cousins. As my collection grows, I am starting to see not just similarities in the gaming headsets but all three types.

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Faelan2231d ago

I have the plain black version of this headset. I absolutely love it. I can wear it all day long without even noticing. That says a lot because I have a huge melon and I wear glasses. Probably the worst case scenario for any headset that either sits on or goes over your ears. I rarely use my regular PC speakers anymore because of it.

sonicsidewinder2231d ago

I have a regular Steel Series headset. I'd say it's a touch too big, but hell who cares.

It's comfy as hell, and the mic is real-good too.