Euro version of No More Heroes - runs faster, smoother?

An email response Go Nintendo reader FireFlower64 got from Rising Star Games…

"Suda 51 decided from the outset to produce two versions of this product. One for the Japanese/European market and a second one for the US market. Rising Star Games was always going to publish the Japanese/European version of this game. We have not censored the game at all, i.e., changed our minds and switched to the bloodless version. I have spent the last two weeks traveling Europe with Suda 51 on a promotional tour. He believes that the Japanese/European version plays faster and smoother than the American version and says he feels it is more enjoyable to play."

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MK_Red4326d ago

Well, Euro version lacks blood and gore which means less effects and stuff on screen so of course it has to run faster BUT that is not the version director wanted to make. Suda wanted a highly stylish but violent game and US version is the closest thing to his vision.

ChickeyCantor4326d ago

he also said he liked the japanese version more(aka PAL)
but he did replace the blood with some other effect, so i dont really think its because of that.

but i cant think of a reason.

Eamon4326d ago

Wait. Is this article saying that the European version IS GOING to get the blood from the US version?

wiizy4326d ago

it figures something like that would happen

jedistev4326d ago

smoother framerate...that what i like

and more blood too

cant wait get this on my hand

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