Could Your Next Girlfriend Be From Japan?

Japan is known for having some weird tastes when it comes to video games. They seem interested in digitizing every aspect of the human experience, from creating railroad simulators to point-and-click homo-erotic adventures. But one of the most prevelant, yet rarely seen by Western eyes, may be the Japanese dating-sim. In these games you assume the identity of a man, generally from an anime series, as he ventures through his world trying to gain favor with the ladies and gain entry to their naughty bits.

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Rikitatsu4332d ago

Talk about your Opinion , don't say it like a fact

v1c1ous4332d ago

it's pretty much an accepted fact that japan exports 80% of the world's weird sh*t.

antoinetm4331d ago

and the world asks for more

Noodlecup4332d ago

but so is the KKK, the obesity epidemic, incest loving rednecks and blind patriotism... it's all wierd

Captain Tuttle4332d ago

We don't make video games about those things.

PopEmUp4332d ago

you must be gay if you don't like porn to be honest

Quickstrike4332d ago

Or you could just have high morals and see that stuff as degrading. Anyway who wouldn't want a GF from Japan? In my opinion Japan is more civilized than most of the world. (may be fact but some people can dissagree with me)

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The story is too old to be commented.