No More Heroes Review: Gamer 2.0 says 6.6

Adrian Ables of Gamer 2.0 gave No More Heroes a 6.6 with a "Buy" recommendation. He writes: "In a time when gamers are constantly clamoring for something new and innovative, it's tempting to cling to anything that promises a stark departure from what we usually expect from games...

Unfortunately, the game's panache and solid combat mechanics don't hide the fact that No More Heroes is all style, little substance, nor that it tries to do too much at once. Few of the individual aspects of the game are ever better than so-so, and neither is the game as a whole...

Somehow, in spite of this laundry list of faults, No More Heroes has some mystic element about it that makes it worth playing...Whatever it is, we can only hope that it isn't solely responsible for carrying the entire game if a sequel ever arrives, because with a more fully developed package, this concept could go a very long way."

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