Borderlands 2 for PC on Sale For Lowest Price You Can Buy

GR - "Gearbox's upcoming FPS Borderlands 2 is on sale for the lowest price you can get it for."

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Snookies122231d ago

Tried hitting the link on the page and it sent me to "Error: 404 Page Not Found" :\

vortis2231d ago

Yeah same here. Getting hit with the 404 error.

Someone needs to fix it because throwing money at the monitor at workin'.

Xristo2231d ago (Edited 2231d ago )

I love GreenManGaming! ... I got Sleeping Dogs during Pre-order for $30. If I didn't have Guild Wars 2 and still needing to finish Sleeping Dogs, I would definitely buy.

For those interested, after a code, you get Borderlands 2 for $36 (Steam code provided).