Ubisoft to help gamers manage their weight?

So far Ubisoft's My "Something" software series is limited to language training. However, Ubisoft has plans beyond teaching gamers to "Parlez-Vous Français." Later this year, the delayed My Life Coach supposedly improves player's life skills, and further in the horizon is My Health Coach: Weight Management.

Specific details on the latter aren't available, but the title is probably in development since it is rated by the OFLC. Siliconera imagines a Nintendo Wii version will take advantage of the Wii Balance Board, but Ubisoft's Weight Management software may be something as simple as nutritionist factoids and a Nintendo DS electronic journal.

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kewlkat0074325d ago

that would be first to coming up with these initiatives...on the other hand many gamers are over-weight, especially some that cry about, taking 30 secs or so to change a disc on RPG games.

Videogames have somewhat taken over physical exercise that some kids used to get, by going out and playing a game of "kickball", "catch" "dogeball", and here in the NA, study tells us, it's getting worst. not because videogames are "BAD" but there should be limits.

Get out and smell the fresh air, here and there or play sports. Kids need to stay active. IMO