Picotto Knights, An Online Action RPG For Vita, May Be Heading To The West

Siliconera - Aww… look at that wizard and dude with a giant chakram. Behind the cute costumes, Picotto Knights from Game Arts and NHN Hangame is an action RPG meets a beat ‘em up. After you create a custom knight you can master one of the game’s eight weapons. Then join your Vita owning buddies either through Wi-Fi or 3G to fight dragons together. Picotto Knights will be available on September 20 on Japan’s PlayStation Store.

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3-4-52233d ago

Why do some games from japan just look like animated fireworks everywhere constantly..

I want to know how this game plays by watching but all I see is color swirls everywhere and every move has huge animatied colors that cover the whole screen ?

it looks kind of cool....but I can't even tell anything about the game really.

That is my only complaint about Japan when is comes to games. Too much going on at once.

For a country who actually understands simplicity, to go and do this over and over again just boggles the mind.