GRID 2 preview – “players are going to feel as immersed as a real driver” OPM UK

OPM UK writes: We negotiate the many-chicaned, breakneck roads that lead towards Codemasters HQ and give you the skinny on GRID 2, PS3′s most exciting racing game in development. And maybe – if we all hold our breath and pray to the gods of burned rubber – the first game ever to recieve 10/10 in OPM.

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Angainor72257d ago

not without a f***ing driver camera...

SOD_Delta2257d ago

I was going to say the same thing. It's sad to because I was really excited about this game till they announced that there would be no cockpit view. Cockpit view is the only way I race games like these.

Angainor72257d ago

indeed my friend! hopefully they add this feature via an update or something. i don't know even if it's technically possible.. but that camera is a must.

Somebody2257d ago


“players are going to feel as immersed as a real driver”

-no driver camera.

The more game developers made their games to be less realistic, the more they claim they really are realistic. Just like how Ubisoft claimed HAWX will be realistic with licensed aircraft models but they all end up fly almost the same way (an A-10 in a supersonic dog fight with Mig 29s both with thrust vectors?) and carry nearly unlimited missiles.

What are they smoking?

472257d ago

Agreed with everyone else. What a f'ing joke of a statement. Put in a cockpit cam and then maybe that statement will be accurate. If Codies ever takes cockpit came outta F1, ill burn that building to the ground.

demonicale2256d ago

Am i the only one who know's what this game is about?,it's about having FUN, it's NOT a driver simulater, it's more about racing with crashes etc ...