From Deus Ex To Disney: Warren Spector Reflects On Evolution, E3, and Epic Mickey

Dealspwn: ...There's a slight sense of weariness when confronted with questions, from certain Deus Ex fans in particular, that run along of "What happened? You used to make games like Deus Ex, now you make games like Epic Mickey, what up with that?" Spector, to his credit, is still able to muster a laugh at what must be a fairly regular question, but his answer is simple: He's still making games like Deus Ex.

"You know it's funny," he says. "In one sense I don't see it as a big change at all. The tone and the content changed, but the game design philosophy beneath it all is still exactly the same. All of the games that I've worked on, all of them, are about mashing up different genres and seeing what happens. What happens if you take a shooter and a stealth game and an RPG and mash them all together? And that was Deus Ex. What happens if you take a platformer and an action-adventure game and an RPG and mash them all together? That's Disney's Epic Mickey.

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