Pixelitis Review: Sleeping Dogs

(Reviewed by Pixelitis Staff Editor Patrick Kulikowski)

I’ll say it: I’m really glad that Activision dropped True Crime: Hong Kong.

Without that move Square Enix wouldn’t have picked it up and push United Front Games to craft what would become Sleeping Dogs. What initially ran the risk of cancellation, or worse: being a mediocre True Crime game, was revitalized and given a makeover.

I first got my mitts on Sleeping Dogs at PAX East this past year, where I was wowed by the game’s intense melee combat system, which is reminiscent of Batman: Arkham Asylum’s.

Nevertheless, a Batman-style fighting system alone can’t make this game a keeper. The question is whether or not Sleeping Dogs excels in its entirety.

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ZBlacktt2326d ago

Sad that we don't see more stories on this game. Any true GTA fan would have already gotten their hands on this game. Because it is that good. A LOT better then GTA4 I would add.