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Dealspwn: "Techland appear to have realised the obvious a little too late. It took them a fairly mediocre game - The Cartel - to twig that a modern Central American setting for a rather frivolous shooter might not have been the way forward...something that Army of Two: The Devil's Cartel might do well to note. Cue a return, then, to the series' safer stomping ground in the Wild West: a time and a place where truth and fiction collide, where legends have been made, myths unfurled, where good men are never angels, and bad men seldom simple devils.

"It's that hazy Romantic view of frontier life which comes through first and foremost as Techland unveil the latest game to use the Call of Juarez name - an arcade marketplace FPS that bears the subtitle "Gunslinger". The chapter-based game is draped around a narrative skeleton that involves the mysterious Bounty Hunter, a man of renown and many a fascinating anecdote, who finds himself back in his hometown's saloon, telling tales of his (mis)adventures to those who care to maybe buy him a fifth of something sharp and strong."

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Roper3162232d ago

Digital only cost them at least 1 sale, mine. Maybe it will be a freebie on PS+ at some point then I will give it a try.

Skate-AK2232d ago

Is this using Chrome Engine 5 still?