Vivendi still looking to sale Activision Blizzard; Sony not interested, Microsoft haggling price

IncGamers: Media powerhouse Vivendi is still looking to get rid of its majority €8 billion stake in Activision Blizzard, a “credible source” claims.

Said source has claims that a Vivendi sales of Activision Blizzard still “absolutely remains under consideration”, despite Vivendi’s finance director saying last week that a break up of the company was out of the question.

News first arose of Vivendi’s plans to sale Activision Blizzard this past July, when a price tag of €10 billion was touted.

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TheMasterShake2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

sony if i were you i'd try to buy out the spyro and crash IP's from activision through vivendi. best do it now since vivendi is trying to sell blizzard Activision off.

CalvinKlein2235d ago

they would probably not be able to afford the price as Im sure activision would want tons of money for spyro since skylanders is huge at selling plastic junk to children for 10-15$ a pop. Its like COD DLC but for children who are to young to know they are being ripped off. They buy some characters and its suddenly a 120$ game they are playing. Way more profitable then waiting for the sequels to make the next 60$ from the series, especially when the sequel comes out a year later anyways with its own DLC.

I dont think Activision would sell that for cheap.

xX-StolenSoul-Xx2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Honestly suprised Sony does not want to buy it. Just for Billzard's WOW Itself I thought SOE was a huge player in the mmo industry they could take over wow.

Having all of activisions library would be also good especially taking back some of its old first party titles like crash

TCG_Returns2235d ago

8 billion is a lot of money to spend on something.Would you risk that kind of money, even when the longtime shareholders seem so eager to be rid of them?

I wouldn't.

gaffyh2235d ago

Even if it's 8 Billion I'm sure any company who buys them will more than make their money back on COD and WoW (guaranteed money) and all the other titles. Not much of a risk if you look at it that way.

nukeitall2235d ago


"Honestly suprised Sony does not want to buy it. Just for Billzard's WOW Itself I thought SOE was a huge player in the mmo industry they could take over wow."

Sony can't afford it. Activision Blizzard is worth 14% more than Sony at the moment. In fact, Activision Blizzard has no debt while Sony has plenty of debt.

So there is almost no way Sony could buy *half* of Activision Blizzard even if they wanted to because of their own business situation. At least not without huge loan and huge risk.

Outside_ofthe_Box2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

It seems like a no brainer to go out and buy Activision Blizzard, but 8 billion is a lot so it is no surprise Sony isn't interested.

It would be interesting if Microsoft picks up Activision. Seeing Spyro and Crash exclusive to Xbox would be something you wouldn't think of in a million years, now there is an actual possibility for that to happen.

papashango2235d ago

its actually not a really good investment and this is why Vivendi is looking to sell. Right now is the perfect to sell before we begin to see the beginning of the end. I'll give my opinion

1. I will bet anything they want to sell before November We will see how much marketshare the CoD franchise has lost by the end of the year. Blackops topped 25 mil, MW3 is still in the teens. I'm gonna guess BO2 doesn't break 10 million. still impressive yes but if you're a shareholder you are NOT happy. I can guarantee you CoD becomes Rainbow Six next-gen. Short term it'll make you money but this franchise is done.

2. I guarantee they want to sell at a price that will have you depending on the revenue of WoW for at least 5-10 years. Would you bet everything on a game that's losing subscribers? It's a war of attrition right now. Does anyone really believe WoW will be on top 10 years from now?

Vivendi is simply trying to maximize profits before the inevitable demise.

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sway_z2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

I think I could live without those two franchises.... Two fairly good games from a by gone era....Truthfully, I'm not really a platformer.

*PSN titles only? ....maybe.

koehler832235d ago

It's true, but it would makes sense for Sony by reducing complications anytime they want to go back and revisit the IPs, in the way they're currently doing with All-Stars.

Also, Spyro is worth a fortune right now.

CalvinKlein2235d ago

well thats the problem. THey cant spend that much money just to maybe make some game that probably wouldnt even sell very good. If they did buy spyro/crash back they would HAVE to start pumping out skylanders games in order to make their money back and that really isnt what we would want them to do with the ips.

They couldnt spend all that money and then make some platform games that probably wouldnt sell good.

HebrewHammer2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Seems like a waste of money to me. Instead of spend an arm and a leg to buy up Activision just for Crash and Spyro, why not devote resources to already owned franchises of a similar calibur, like R&C, Sly, and J&D?

Also, Sony has made some of the most compelling new IP this gen - why the need to buy old ones when they are more than capable of revolutionizing with new?

And we seem to be forgetting that Sony saw one of their steepest share drops in some time, but we're endorsing they toss 10 Billion at Acti/Blizz?


It's being sold for good reason. The company is volatile. The CoD bubble won't burst, but it will be surpassed by others nex-gen. MMO's are going FTP, WoW will soon follow suit by the end of 2013. And Diablo III pissed a lot of people off.

I'd stay away from it too.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

Buying activition is to risky for sony right now. If ms buys them then game over. I don't like xbox though.

As for pc gamers they hate MS for good reason. Might see Bizzard kinect game maybe. Diablo 4 will have xbox menu on pc version.

There is no company that is as anti pc gaming as MS. Even origin/EA is better than them.

I wish valve had the cash to buy acti.

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iamironman2235d ago

perhaps is someone else took over they'd actually make some interesting games? rather than just releasing sequels to the same few over and over again.

Lvl_up_gamer2235d ago

Like Resistance, Uncharted, GT, God of War, Ratchet & Clank....etc.

Why stop pumping out IP's that actually sell to a consumer base that actually like them....heaven forbid.

MrBeatdown2235d ago (Edited 2235d ago )

He says something about Activision, a company that is notorious for pumping out sequel after sequel, to the point that it completely ruins and kills all interest in once great franchises, and seemingly gives new IPs the lowest priority of any publisher out there, and your first thought is to jump on Sony?

tehpees32235d ago

Well Sony really can't afford it and Microsoft seem sure they have activision's bias for years to come yet.

CraigyScotsman2235d ago

Even though Sony is bleeding money at the moment, they still have over 13 TRILLION Yen in assets ($166 billion). So I'm pretty sure they can afford to buy Activision. They just don't want it.

Swiggins2235d ago

What a magical world you seem to live in...

StayStatic2235d ago

Hopefully blizzard gets back their second half of the companies shares and splits leaving only bobbyvision.

KMCROC542235d ago

Microsoft owning Call of Duty and World of Warcraft & a few other IP's would be interesting.

sway_z2235d ago

Sorry to disappoint...but even if MS took the deal....I seriously doubt WOW would ever make it to 360....maybe it's successor, but even then....

and don't MS already own COD (lol) Jokes aside.....COD would suck even more if it was exclusive to MS...just 'cos.

KMCROC542235d ago

Never said anything about exclusivity on those two games, but exclusivity on the less stellar IPS intergrated w/ kinect features. that's where my thoughts were heading

Lvl_up_gamer2235d ago

He didn't say anything about being on the 360 exclusively. WOW could still stay on the PC only, but Diablo could see it's way to the 360 exclusivly....COD could be an exclusive. This could help push more consoles, either 360's or 720's out the door and into consumers homes.

cloud 2792235d ago

to lvl_up_gamer

Buying Blizzard for MS would be not smart, knowing they take forever with releasing their games. If Blizzard started work on Diablo for the next Xbox, it wouldn't release until Xbox 4 was close to announcement. So ponying up 8 billion for Blizzard isn't worth it, maybe I'm wrong and they work on a new IP which is based around consoles architecture. COD which is a fan favorite currently could also change in the future and be on the way down. Currently the only profitability in owning Acti-Blizz is for short term only. Currently I don't see a future for MS to buyout Acti-Blizz. This could change with the new leadership MS will be bringing if they buy them out.

supraking9512235d ago

that stupid thought would be awesome imo. Id love Microsoft to ruin those franchises just like they did with Rare and all of its games.

KMCROC542235d ago

Ruin what games ,they will keep the money maker making profit like they do now.
Rare was crap, top guys had gone elsewhere nothing left but a modest group remained.
The Rare purchase was more of an investment in IP's. as for the non stellar games that A/B has they can be rejuvenated w/ some kinect features .

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