Forza Horizon Video Doc - An Intro to Horizon

AnalogHype: Forza is back combineing its legendary authenticity with a festival atmosphere and the freedom to explore an open road. Forza Horizon brings an immersive pick-up-and-play open road racing experience and features the unrivaled realism, diversity, and innovation that are hallmarks of the “Forza” franchise. Forza Horizon is set to launch this October on Xbox 360.

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DemoKings2326d ago

This game looks too sick. Excited for night races.

IRetrouk2326d ago

Day 1 limited edition, cant wait, gonna play the shiznit out of it.

otherZinc2326d ago

Agreed! Day 1 Limited Edition all day.

I'm glad theyre bringing the Forza quality to an open world game.

IRetrouk2326d ago

Agreed, but it's the fact that the ex pgr and dirt devs are making it with the help off turn 10 that has me excited, pgr 4 is still the very best arcade racer in my eyes and cant wait to see what they do with a bit more of a realistic angle, havent been this excited in a long while for a racing game. Add me on xbl and we will get some online racing on the go :-)

IQUITN4G2326d ago

Blimey this is really bloody impressive. Stunning in fact given the nature of what this is doing

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