€8bn Activision Blizzard sale 'still under consideration'

However, Microsoft buyout talks 'fell through'; Sony 'not keen'

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NYC_Gamer2285d ago

It's not going to be easy to find a buyer willing to spend 8 billion

KMCROC542284d ago

If MS didn't blow that 6.2 billion on aQuantive in 2007,they probably would have bought some IP's from Activision or invested in it. but hey we never know what Steve Ballmer will do .

Zeixama2284d ago

Hey, AcBz, sell yourself to WoW players, or ...

- make release your next MMORPG.
- give a byte stock of yours to every gamer,
- who subscribing to the game with $15 monthly fee.
- if they don't renew their monthly memberships, take the stock back.
- muahahahahhahaha! Snakeeeee!

TheMasterShake2284d ago

sony if i were you i'd try to buy out the spyro and crash IP's from activision through vivendi. best do it now since vivendi is trying to sell blizzard/Activision off.

Baka-akaB2284d ago

Not worth the price they'd most likely ask for , after and despite ruining those franchise

TheMasterShake2284d ago

im sure they could negotiate something because lets be honest those franchises are worth as much as they once were. but then again maybe your right.

b_one2284d ago

mainly COD is worth of a buy

AAACE52284d ago

Not worth it! Those franchises have been run into the ground. They are due to be replaced.

I still play cod and lookforward to new games but i dont play as much as i used to. Plus i refuse to buy the dlc. Because once dlc hits people abandon it.

MilkMan2284d ago

Makes sense. Call of Duty blows and Blizzard ran out of ideas 12 years ago.
Good bye and good riddance.

MAYBE under new leadership you may actually see some "new" inspired games come out of this cesspool.

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