Kojima posts new Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance photo – “I was amazed”

"In case you were worried about Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Hideo Kojima's here to assuage your fears. He's played it, and he's amazed at the introduction. And he's posted a new photo for us all to enjoy."


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nrvalleytime2327d ago

"Black Raiden"

I just want to know what the heck that even means.

Whitefeather2327d ago

Simple, it's the color of his armor/body.

nrvalleytime2327d ago

It can't be that simple.

Kojima even mentioned that "I can't say much beyond this, but why he's 'Black Raiden' is a secret." That's from his twitter account, and, while he loves to tease his fans, this has to account for something.

-Gespenst-2327d ago

He gets maimed at the start of the game by those Samurai guys, and then he's repaired and given new, superior armour. That's what the devs said.

DecoyOctopus2327d ago

Yep it is that simple, saw a developer commentary and he said that you will have a black cyborg armour

nrvalleytime2327d ago

Yes, but that doesn't imply where "White Raiden" comes in.

He's not known as White Raiden before he was disfigured, so I'm still a bit curious.

Everyone's reactions confirm what I had suspected, but I still have lingering doubts.

dirthurts2327d ago

They don't call chocolate, brown chocolate.
But, there is a white chocolate alternative.
Why can't there be a black Raiden without a white?

No_Pantaloons2327d ago

it means he's evil.

like evil ryu from street fighter. Its another ploy to give this vanilla character some depth.

Kureno_Nakamura2327d ago (Edited 2327d ago )



blind-reaper2327d ago

that would be Canadian Raiden.

doogiebear2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Please, not another crybaby who jumps at every little thing expecting it to be racist -_-

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Angainor72327d ago

this game needs to be made on FOX engine ASAP.

a_bro2327d ago

too late for that. maybe if a sequel happens, it will most likely get the fox engine treatment, most likely left for next gen though

JellyJelly2327d ago

Vanquish looked spectacular from a graphics point of view. 60 fps and with tons of stuff going on at the same time. I have no doubts the game will look good.

yaz2882327d ago

vanquish was 30 fps not 60

SuperLupe2327d ago

If it really was 30fps then I'm pretty surprised because it definately felt like 60fps.

dredgewalker2326d ago

Vanquish looked great and I'm also surprised that it's only 30fps. One of the few games with short gameplay that I enjoyed immensely. I'm still hoping for a sequel to that game. Anyway I got interested in this game when the development was shifted to Platinum Games.

WeskerChildReborned2327d ago

It's way too late to change engines, maybe for the sequel they will use it if their ever is a sequel.

Xperia_ion2327d ago

Platinum knows how to make fun games.

MacDonagh2327d ago

Agreed. Platinum Games knows what it means to make a fun game. Plot wise, it may be a little iffy, but it should be pretty solid.

No pun intended.

Summons752326d ago

well story was written by KP and they have control of it so plot will be fine! I can't wait for this game

HellzAssassin2327d ago

Which is why I've stated on multiple occasions they're by far my favourite developers this generation. Vanquish & Bayonetta were both unique and incredible games and I'm sure MGR:R will be an absolutely incredible game.

doogiebear2326d ago

They make good beat-em-ups/Hack & Slash...Yeah, but can they make fun Metal gear games...hmmmm

LNDCalling2327d ago

Why do I have a feeling that something in MGS: Ground Zeroes is going to lead people finishing the game to go pick up ‎MGR: Revengeance even if they didn't originally as it didn't appeal to them!

I might well be wrong but its an interesting concept given the appeal of Revengeance doesn't appear to match that of Ground Zeroes, the former not being a usual MG title.

jc485732327d ago

kojima is known to pull strings sometimes

Parappa2327d ago

Amazed at how bad it is I'm sure. They completely ruined the storyline for the game but luckily it's not canon as anything that takes place after MGS4 wouldn't be canon to begin with until Kojima actually works on a real MGS that takes place after that time.

Slugg3r2327d ago

Actually it was never said that it was not to be canon. They only said that it would be a spin-off.

BlaqMagiq242327d ago

Oh so you played the game right? You know exactly what happens in the story right? What? You don't? Then STFU.

2326d ago
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