Vita hack 'doesn't let you play pirate retail games'

But 'reverse engineer' admits his work could lead to the system being opened up entirely

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Xperia_ion2237d ago

I pay for my ____t, ____k you hackers.

Sucitta2237d ago

you will also be of the sloths that pays for 'air' in the near future.

now stfu, go do your weekly shop at Walmart and stock up on water, its on sale for only 99 cents = 0 just ignore that label that says Fluoride ion ppm.


Coltrane_C2237d ago

Worst Post of 2012. Congrats!

SiAvAirwave2237d ago

I'd go with best post 2012. Don't expect consumer media whore voters to understand lol..

Allsystemgamer2237d ago

Every thing is killing us these days. Honestly I don't even care anymore. One day it's good the next it's bad.

I'm still waiting to hear that carrots are poisonous. /s

hkgamer2237d ago

air can be purchased now, it costs around $500 to refill their oxygen tanks.

now if it is open air then it is free, well technically it isn't. our taxes pay the government to be able to plant trees around to provide us for oxygen.
if its not the government than it is companies.

as for the water comment, making clean water cost money. you think tap water is free?
try not paying for you water bill and see what happens.

anymore smart remarks you want to say?

now lets get on topic and see if homebrew is good or not.
homebrew sllows people to develop games on a closed machine.
you can either get the vita sdk or psmobile sdk. its a closed system what are you expecting?
want to make something for free? do it on pc
doesnt unreal provide you with free sdk?

dudeOplenty2236d ago

@hkgamer: actually, the majority of the world's oxygen comes from the ocean... just sayin'.

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Baka-akaB2237d ago (Edited 2237d ago )

As usual not taking responsibility for it basically , when sh*t will hit the fan .

abzdine2237d ago

i have my PSP running on CF and it's really not a good thing cause the online capabilities are the most important thing. I'll buy a Vita soon but i'll not run anything unofficial on it.

cleft52237d ago

Online is important, but what online games for the psp was worth it. Monster Hunter was great but you could still get on online with a hacked psp through xlink kai. I get your point, but so far handheld gaming seems to be a single player thing.

Nintendo does some really cool stuff in the mobile online market, but Sony has yet to catch up with them in this department and so far the Vita is far behind too. I can only hope that their upcoming online fps games for Vita are great. Because right now I just don't see a point in not hacking the Vita because of online.

abzdine2237d ago

just being able to DL demos, patches, buy games on the PSN directly from the PSP is a really cool thing.

cleft52237d ago

Well I give it about the end of this month until the system is completely hacked. Good news is that Vita sells will be up. Bad news is that Vita game sells, which are already poor, will become none existent.

SaffronCurse2237d ago

I'll bookmark this comment and laugh at you.

cleft52237d ago

Whatever floats your boat. Oh and my comments are based on what happened to the PSP when it got pirated. Yes people will still buy Vita games, but if this hack gets to the level of the psp hack then sells are going to dramatically drop of games.

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