Ubisoft: time for projects like Beyond Good & Evil 2

Ubi-dev Michel Ancel indicated the time has come to resume work on Beyond Good & Evil 2.

During the Ubisoft Digital Days in Paris, held Thursday the 6th of September, Michel Ancel went on record about the current status of the Beyond Good & Evil 2 project.

During a video-interview with Dutch technology news website, the lead designer behind a wide variety of Rayman games stated that the team had been to busy working on Rayman than they had initially planned, but given that development of both Rayman: Jungle Run (iOS/Android) and Rayman: Legends (Wii U) will soon wrap up, the time to switch back to projects like Beyond Good & Evil 2 is now.

While this is not by any means a formal re-announcement of the game that was initially announced in 2008, it is an indicator that the project is still alive and Ancel and his team have every intention of getting back to it.

Link to original (Dutch) version of the news item (English video included): only...

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000012231d ago

finally, we need Beyond Good and Evil 2!

Parappa2231d ago

projects "LIKE" Beyond Good & Evil 2.

000012231d ago

no, i understand what he said, im saying we need a Beyond Good and Evil 2, even if they're not currently working on it....

Freak of Nature2231d ago

BG&E2 and the Last guardian wait has been quite frustrating. The next Oddworld game beyond cash cow remakes has had me waiting for more than 7 years now. Dark Cloud has virtually disappeared...Insomniacs Overstrike is now over 1 year of nothing, looks like my gaming taste is all about vaporware LOL...

So it's great to hear something about 1 of my most wanted having a chance at gaming life...

doogiebear2231d ago

Yeah, and make it be much longer than the first game (which was awesome).

prototypeknuckles2231d ago

finally its about time we gets this sequel, now alll i need is a prince of persia 08 sequel and im good

Venox20082230d ago

I want bg&e2 soo badly! I hope it will come to wii u & pc & etc..