Digital Distribution : It's not the future, it's right now.

"Change and the ability to accept and adapt to changes made: it’s what separates humans from the dinosaurs."

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2330d ago
Droid Control2330d ago

The thing is, if you buy something from Steam you know you have it forever. If you buy a game off XBL or PSN you don't know if it will run on 720/1440 or PS4/PS5

ChunkyLover532330d ago

Didn't they just make people sign some kind of weird user agreement on Steam?

I don't trust fully digital content in the least, not to mention that I have a bandwidth limit of 150 gigs a month, which might sound like a lot, but when you remember that streaming a show on Netflix takes up a couple of gigs by itself, you see the position that I and a lot of other people are in.

Cant have a digital now, or future when so many people wont even be able to download anything.

Farsendor12330d ago

users also had to sign a weird agreement on ps3 almost the same thing as steam users.

negative2330d ago

You don't need it to run on the 720/1440 or PS4/PS5. Just hold onto the hardware you buy it on.

decrypt2330d ago

Hardware tends to go bad in the long run, so are you going to keep rebuying old hardware and for how long are you going to keep doing that, later are you going to rebuy multiple old hardware like maybe when PS6 is out you going to keep rebuying PS3,4 & 5? that surely isnt sustainable.

With Steam or any other PC digital service, you only need a PC it can be the latest hardware or can be old it will run the games. There is no such thing as new hardware not running old games (95% of games from 25 years ago still work) Be it via Emulation etc whatever, it just works.

TheDivine2329d ago

Decrypt the same can be said of a pc. Pc's go bad and you will have to rebuy a pc to play your games. If a ps3 goes bad rebuy a ps3 (which will be cheaper down the road also). All dd is based on having the hardware to run it. I have to have a pc to watch my digital movies and listen to music. If my laptop craps out i need a replacement. The only benefit steam has is than any hardware (pc wise) can access it vs only rebuying a ps3 or 360.

My only problem is will the servers for consoles stay up (to redownload games and whatnot). Thats the only real problem. Consoles HAVE to be bc nowadays with so much content (dlc, arcade games, full dd games) being sold. If the next ps or ms system doesnt play my arcade games i prob wont buy it until its under 200. It has to be bc with disk titles also or no buy until its cheap.

DD can help us gamers. Look at FF Type-0. They wont release it because of cost. With psn theycan release it for psp and vita for virtually no cost and mostly all profit. Why they wont is beyond me. What im against is this streaming bullshit. Now dd copies of movies you get in blurays are for streaming only. If cloud gets big we wont be able to have disks or dd games which is the real problem. DD is a nice compliment to retail to help small publishers and niche games. Cloud will become the devil. Imagine itunes making you stream your music and not be able to have it play without 3g/4g. HELL NO.

Summons752330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

you technically don't have it forever seeing as the terms of agreement says they can take away things and shut down without reason. Then you would not have it. Same with xbox and playstation. You only buy the rights to play the game, you never actually own the game and that's a big reason why we shouldn't support Digital Download. Personally I like to own my games and pick them up, toss them around if they're terrible etc etc. Digital only media will never take the place of Physical media it's plain and simple no matter how you look at it.

Digital is for the XBLA or PSNA games as well as steam but why would you wanna be something digital when you can own it completely as physical.

NYC_Gamer2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

The same reason many of us buy songs from Itunes and watch movies/tv shows on Netflix instead of buying them from retail...Options are always good in my opinion...

Summons752330d ago

Watching shows on netflix is the equivalent of renting them. You don't own them and your not paying full price for every movie it's 8 bucks for unlimited movies. Buying digital is 60 bucks per game for not owning your game, how dose that even come close to being comparable to netflix

NYC_Gamer2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )


I have never paid 60 bucks for any digital game bought from Steam...Valve is good on that end at giving customers more value for their dollar..Console brands need to adapt and offer the same type of deals on software if they wanna move forward with digital....It's hard for MS/Sony/Nintendo because they depend on retail to sell their hardware.....Digital and physical software can exist together....

Jdoki2330d ago

I don't fully agree with that Droid Control.

There's many games, such as DOS games, Win 95 games etc that were great fun - but they don't work properly now.

A good example is the move from 386SX to DX chips - Doom would not run on an SX. Or the move from 32bit to 64bit OS's causing incompatibility with some games. Who is to say there won't be a similar evolution of hardware or software in future.

All we can really say is that you 'own' the games on either console or PC until the point where either your console breaks or Sony/MS stop you downloading the games. And with a PC version you own the game unless Steam decides to remove it from their library, or the hardware / OS causes incompatibility and you no longer have a compatible PC.

Where there is an argument, is over Backwards compatibility in consoles, and emulators on PC.

DeadlyFire2330d ago (Edited 2330d ago )

BS. This is only the begining of Digital. Its nowhere near the normal thing. As people still fear any new Digital service. OnLive crashing, and Fear of EA sapping the life out of you with Origin service are two of many recent things that have come to light to show that Digital is still a long way away, but if things are set right then it will last and grow.

One. As we do not own a game for more than one generation. A service like Gaikai or another cloud service with PSN built around and in it without it being essential so that downloads are still an option, but say all of our last gen content is saved on the cloud.

There is a global standard for broadband to reach 100 Mbps to 50+ percent of nearly every country between 2017-2027.

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Rhythmattic2330d ago

All the PS+ digital content I download, the rest I buy to own as a Physical copy.

Not to shabby really.

JKelloggs2330d ago

Same with me, and if a game is on sale on PSN or is cheaper than the physical counterpart (once in a blue moon) then I'll but it off of the store

dazzrazz2330d ago

Thing is console games on demand compared to those available in retail form are still overpriced as hell, so I refuse to adapt

NYC_Gamer2330d ago

Console brands do that on purpose because they still depend on retail shops to sell their hardware

Jdoki2330d ago

I thought Sony (at least) had clarified that they don't set the prices of the full downloadable games - the publisher / distributor does.

The games Sony does publish seem to be closer to retail or at least offered on sale more frequently - it's the EA / Activision that seem to be going for full RRP (or higher)

Xperia_ion2330d ago

I like having a mix of both

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